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40-60M/H Mixed Bed Equipment Water Treatment Equipment

Mixed bed is the abbreviation of mixed ion exchange column, which is a device designed for ion exchange technology. The so-called mixed bed is to mix and pack a certain proportion of cation and anion exchange resins in the same exchange device to exchange and remove ions in the fluid.
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Product Description

40-60M/H Mixed Bed Equipment

The so-called mixed bed is to mix and pack a certain proportion of cation and anion exchange resins in the same exchange device to exchange and remove ions in the fluid. Since the specific gravity of the cationic resin is larger than that of the cationic resin, the cationic resin is above the cationic resin in the mixed bed. Generally, the filling ratio of cation and anion resin is 1:2, and there is also a filling ratio of 1:1.5, which can be selected according to different resins. Mixed beds are also divided into internal synchronous regenerative mixed beds and external regenerative mixed beds. Synchronous regeneration mixed bed is in operation and the whole regeneration process is carried out in the mixed bed. The resin does not move out of the equipment during regeneration, and the cation and anion resins are regenerated at the same time, so less auxiliary equipment is required and the operation is simple.

The equipment of the mixed bed treatment process includes a mixed ion exchanger and an in vitro regeneration equipment. The in vitro regeneration equipment mainly includes resin separator, anion (cation) resin regenerator, resin storage tower, hybrid resin tower and acid-base regeneration equipment. The main feature of the domestic mixed bed treatment process is reflected in the resin separation and regeneration process. There are three kinds of resin separation and regeneration processes.



1. The effluent water quality is excellent, and the effluent pH value is close to neutral.

2. The effluent water quality is stable, and short-term changes in operating conditions (such as the quality or composition of the influent water, operating flow rate, etc.) have little effect on the effluent quality of the mixed bed.

3. Intermittent operation has little impact on the effluent water quality, and the time required to restore the water quality before the shutdown is relatively short.

4. The recovery rate reaches 100%


Product Details

General design flow rate of polishing mixed bed: 40-60m/h

What kind of pipes are generally used for pure water system pipes: PVC is used before the inlet of the polishing mixed bed, and PVDF is used after the outlet.

In addition, the polishing mixed bed should be installed as close as possible to the end of use, because:

1. The polishing mixed bed basically does not need maintenance and management, and the on-site installation and factory-side installation will not affect the management.

2. It has great benefits for improving water quality.

3. Minimize the cost of PVDF.


Work process

Raw water tank → raw water pump → dosing device → quartz sand filter → dosing device → activated carbon filter → automatic softener → safety filter → primary high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis system → intermediate water tank → secondary high pressure pump → Secondary reverse osmosis system → pure water tank → pure water pump → TOC decomposition device → degassing membrane → precision filter → EDI device → pure water tank → pure water pump → refined mixed bed → membrane filter → water production point line.


Ion exchangers are mainly used for the preparation of pure water and high-purity water, mainly for medium and high-pressure boiler feed water; new materials, new energy, new chemical materials, light metal materials, nano materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic graphite, composite materials and other production process water.

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