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300L Red Copper Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Supplier/ Manufacturer

300L copper commercial micro beer brewing equipment with mashing barrel and filter barrel. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, beer bars, bars, university laboratories, small breweries, etc. The main raw material is copper or SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316 stainless steel, with stable and reliable quality.
  • DEGONG-300L


Product Description

300L Micro Brewing Equipment

Product parameter
Item list Equipment 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Mashing System Mash tun 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Lauter tun 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Wort pump 1m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h
Heat exchanger 2m3 3m3 4m3 6m3 6m3
Wort Oxygenator (optional) accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory
Fermenting System Fermentation tank 100L / 6-8pcs 200L / 6-8pcs 300L / 6-8pcs 500L / 6-8pcs 1000L / 6-8pcs
Yeast tank 2L 2L 3L 5L 10L
Bright beer tank (optional) 100L 200L 300L 500L 1000L
Cooling System Ice water tank 300L 500L 800L 1500L 2000-3000L
Cooling machine 3HP 4HP 5HP 5HP 5HP/Group
Ice water pump 1.7m3/h 1.7m3/h 1.7m3/h 1.7m3/h 1.7m3/h
CIP System Washing tank 50L / 2pcs 50L / 2pcs 50L / 2pcs 50L / 2pcs 100L / 2pcs
Pump 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h 3m3/h


300L copper miniature brewing equipment


  • High-quality materials

The raw material is copper or SUS304 and SUS316.

  • Appearance

The standard for fine weld polishing is 240um and 60mm wide. All connections need to be refurbished, and all welds need to be polished to make the tank surface smoother. We attach great importance to the excellent appearance of the tank.

  • Tank standard

We use a plasma torch to cut the material on the soft carpet to avoid damage to the stainless steel surface, and then use double argon shielded welding

Volume: working volume and 20%-30% extra space.

Inner shell: SUS304 material, thickness 3mm, pickling passivation treatment, and polishing mirror treatment.

Flanging technology and polishing wheels are all used for the inner surface connection.

The normal pressure is 0.2Mpa, and the maximum test pressure is 0.4Mpa.

Cladding: SUS304, 2mm thick, welded seam polished, 60mm wide.

All welded connections are polished, smoother

  • Special design

Four adjustable feet. In special areas, stand bolts and gaskets can be designed to prevent earthquakes.

All connections are Ф38.1 (except the outlet of the saccharification barrel), the jacket adopts threaded connection, and the pipe adopts clamps, which is easy to disassemble and wash.

The filter plate adopts a milling grid, which is firm and smooth. The mixer equipment is noiseless and the motor frequency conversion.


Barley malt is the main body


Hops are the soul of beer


Double check the boiled wort

We hope to establish good business relations with customers through sincere contact and cooperation. The company's aim is to supreme quality and credibility, and sincerely welcome domestic and foreign partners.


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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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