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300L Copper Pot Still Distillation Equipment Suitable for Gin Whiskey Tequila Rum

Traditionally, copper pot stills are far superior to steel pot stills, because copper pot stills help to improve the quality and aroma of the final distilled spirits and retain better sensory taste of spirits.
  • DG-300L


Product Description

300L copper pot distillation equipment

Since the advent of distillation, this humble pot stills have existed in some form. From simple alquatar to complex mixing systems, including gin baskets, towers, blister plates, jacketed cooling systems, etc. Although the distillation tank is not widely understood by the public, and even by many modern distillation tower winery "operators", it may be the most well-known distillation symbol in the eyes of the public, and it is included by many distillation companies or spirit-related companies.


Although the pot still is one of the oldest forms of distillation equipment, it has a place in the modern distillation industry. Despite many technological advancements, it is very safe. For most people in the world, pot distillation is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. Tank distiller is widely recognized by manufacturers and drinkers due to its inherent low efficiency. If executed properly, it can produce high-quality products, and these products require the training of experienced distillers in the distillation process.

If people think of humble sommeliers, they think of jars. If people think of single malt Scotch whisky, they think of jars; if people think of cognac, they think of jars. Yes, this includes bourbon and rye.


At the heart of Pot Stills is minimal flavor retention and concentration, and more importantly, the aroma of fermented ingredients. In its most basic form, pot stills are agricultural and traditional cultural tools, and distillations performed on this system reflect the regional agricultural and cultural culinary norms of the communities in which they are located. Even if it involves industry, tank operations are essentially agricultural operations. From the earliest times, the pot still was seen as another agricultural tool, and while it was an important tool for transforming draft beer (whiskey) or wine (brandy) or plants (absinthe, gin), Has become a more portable and lighter tool. Handy tool. Valuable products provide spiritual relaxation and the opportunity to experience the aromas of a time and place at a later time and place.


Although the batch size and industrial efficiency of the pot are still limited, the production of countless different spirits is not limited by the elaborately designed pots and pots and the numerous options that can be added. Placing a simple cooling coil or jacket or fractionator on the head or wire arm can produce amazing, light and subtle spirits or eliminate unwanted congeners. The implementation of bubble-plate tower can improve the purity and purity of producing single-pass liquor or high spirits. Adding multiple steam paths can realize a "gin basket" containing high-quality plants, which can create unprecedented spirits. Simple "distillation" or tapping on the barrel can improve the evidence and purity, add unique and beautiful flavor compounds, construct unique esterified acids, etc. In order to activate these additives, the delicious spirits they created can be mixed in different proportions to create completely different spirits styles. Alcohol weight whiskey or brandy can also be used to make unique botanical creations and build flavor bridges between other unrelated ingredients.


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