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300L Copper Column Still Multifunctional Distillation Equipment Pot and Column for Sale

We are a custom manufacturer and as a commercial brewing equipment manufacturer we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our equipment or the process of starting your brewery, our goal is to help you make informed decisions when purchasing brewing equipment Decide. After all, it will be the cornerstone of your winery.
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Product Description

300L Copper Column Still

This distillation equipment is with multiple-function and can be used to distill vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum and other distilled spirits. The process is first brewed wort, then use transfer pump to still pot and distilled and then cooled to obtain a high alcohol solution.





Distillation pot

1. Working Volume: 300L / 400L / 500L / 1000L

2.Style: three layer design, Heating with electric heating rod, including polyurethane insulation layer.

3. Material: T2 Red Copper & SUS304 stainless steel

(copper inner tank , stainless steel heating layer and fish scale coating)

4.Configuration: Full sight glass manhole, Safety valve, Pressure gauge, Thermometer, PT100 temperature sensor,

Ball valve, Drain valve, Cleaning ball, Check valve, liquid level meter, motor mixing, lighting, etc

5.Thickness: The thickness of copper liner is 3mm~5mm, the thickness of steam jacket is 2mm~5mm, and the outer casing is 1.5mm~2mm

6.Electric heating rod voltage: 380V / 50Hz / 3N

6.Power of electric heating rod: 300L - 30KW(Two 15KW) / 400L - 39KW(Three 13KW)

500L - 48KW(Three 16KW) / 1000L - 80KW(Four 20KW)


Onion head

1. Material: T2 Red Copper

2. Thickness:3mm

3. Configuration: Sight glass, Cleaning ball



1.Material:T2 Red Copper

2.Thickness:3mm(shell wall thickness)

3. Configuration:  It is equipped with red copper clapboard and copper bubble cover,

Each layer is equipped with cleaning balls; 11 layer clapboard, 12 Sight glass, the bottom layer is the reflux layer.



1.Material: T2 Red Copper

2. Style: Columnwise dephlegmator (Shell and tube)

3.Thickness:3mm(shell wall thickness)

4. Configuration: Thermometer and crown cap Capping


Gin Basket

1. Material: T2 Red copper and glass

2. Configuration: Sight glass, crown cap, etc

3. Built in: clapboard

4. Thickness: shell thickness: 3mm .



1.Material: 304 stainless steel

2. Style: Columnwise dephlegmator (Shell and tube), Inside are many stainless steel tubes

3.Thickness:3mm(shell wall thickness)

4. Configuration: Thermometer and crown cap Capping


Mouth of wine

1. Material: SUS304 stainless steel & glass cover

2. Style: simple type, easy to observe the wine situation


Storage box support

1. Material: SUS304 stainless steel(fish scale plate is used for coaming)

2. Style: new cabinet type bracket

3. Function: used to support tower Gin basket and condenser

At the same time, it is a double door style with a certain storage space inside


CIP Cleaning


1. Power: 0.75kw (explosion-proof pump)

2.Voltage: 380V / 50Hz / 3N

3. Function: used to clean distillation pot, onion head,

column, dephlegmator gin basket and condenser.

4. Configuration: stainless steel pipe and valve, each

part can be controlled separately Cleaning


DEGONG 300L micro distillery

Expiration of pay

T/T transfer, 40% advance payment to start production, 60% T/T transfer before the equipment is shipped.

The Alibaba Trader Guarantee keeps your payments safe.

Delivery date

The manufacturing time is 30 - 45 working days and will start as soon as the initial 40% deposit from the account is received and the technical drawing is signed and confirmed by the customer.

Technical documents, layouts, drawings and all other technical confirmation time(s) should not be counted towards manufacturing time. Production will not begin until all drawings, technical documents or layouts have been confirmed and signed off by the relevant parties. If not completed, this may result in delays in production and/or lead times.


1000L Whiskey Alcohol Distillation Machine

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