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300L Beer Mashing System Electric Heating for Craft Brewery Equipment Turnkey System for Sale

DEGONG company has focused on beer brewing technology for over ten years and keep improving equipment performance and quality. In addition to mash system, fermentation system, we provide with other necessary support equipment, such as malt mill, wort pump, heat exchanger, hot water tank, Co2 cylinder, mash controller, yeast adding tank and other spare parts.
Heating method:
fermentation tank cooling:
Control method:
  • DGET-300L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

Malt mill

Efficiency: 300 kg/h, total power: 1.5kw;

The new double-roll malt crusher, the roller gap can be  adjusted, can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the malt, so that it has an ideal crushing effect.

Patented new design roller, made of high-quality steel shaft and new roller material, malt crushing more uniform and efficient.

Automatic removal of iron and dust, low noise.


Craft beer brewhouse

Function: Brewing wort with four main steps Mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpool in one unit

Material: stainless steel 304

Capacity: 300 liter;

Structure: two-layer structure inside, upper layer serves for lautering and whirlpool, lower layer serves for mashing and boiling.

Heating: built-in electric heating tube

Welding method: 100% argon arc welding

Brewhouse feature:

Integrated design, small footprint, saving customer store rental,

Integrated tank design, saving material costs, welding costs.

Our all in one brewhouse fulfill the four basic functions. Besides, through our reasonable design, fine manufacturing, to achieve the maximum cost performance and ease of use.



Fermentation system

Function: Wort fermentation, Capacity: 300 liter

Material: stainless steel 304

Welding method: 100% argon arc welding

Fermenter feature:

1.The refrigeration system is built in the base of the fermenter to service for cooling and save  the high energy consumption of traditional industrial refrigerators. The cost-effectiveness is high.

2.The built-in thermostat in the fermenter makes it easier to adjust the temperature  according to fermentation process needs and reduce the temperature more intelligently.

3. Our fermenter comes with a pulley that makes it easier to move.

4.Our fermentation tanks are improved on the basis of traditional fermentation tanks, making it easy to use, occupy small floor space, ease of use, and have big advantage in production cost.


Control box

Function: Brewing control, wall-mounted Installation form

Material: Electric shock-proof plastic dashboard, well-known brand electrical components

Wort pump control switch, heating switch

Temperature display, automatic control of mash temperature

750control -min


Pump and standard accessories,etc

Function: Support Brewing and Fermentation process  

Wort Pump: Wort Flow control   

Thermocouple thermometer, glass thermometer

Brixmeter: Measuring sugar content,

Plowing: for grist out of tank

Pipeline Valves, Valve Gaskets (Silica Hygienic)

Quick installation

Instructions (equipment and beer brewing process)

If you are interested in beer equipment, get in touch with me freely.

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