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300L 500L Micro Copper Boiler Home Vodka Alcohol Distiller Distillery Equipment

Distillation equipment can be used for many different applications. For example, people can use a distiller to purify water, separate essential oils, and even distill fuel alcohol. Commercial stills use distillation to separate alcohol from water to produce high-quality alcohol. Note that distillation does not produce alcohol; it only concentrates the alcohol that is already there.
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Product Description

Home Vodka Alcohol Distiller

Make whiskey
  • Traditional malt manufacturing

The harvested barley is shipped to the malt factory. Soak the barley, then turn it by hand on the malt floor for a few days. The last step is to dry the malt.

  • Milling and mashing

The ground malt falls directly into the mash, which is mixed with hot water in three stages. The heat of the water triggers a malt reaction, which releases sugar into the water, turning it into wort.


  • Ferment

Pour the wort into one of the steel backwash liquids. Then add two strains of dry yeast. These were chosen not only because of their consistent yields, but more importantly, they produce excellent flavors. This live yeast converts the sugar in the wort into alcohol. Let this fermentation last more than 90 hours-which is much longer than the average fermentation time in whiskey production. In the first two days of this process, the yeast strives to produce alcohol, and the lotion will reach a peak of about 8% ABV. However, after that, alcohol will no longer be produced, so most wineries complete the fermentation there. But if the third and fourth days continue, the second stage will occur, in which the laundry is full of bacteria.


  • Start of distillation

Ready to start the distillation, the first step in our distillation process is to wash the distiller-also known as Mary. By boiling the fermented lotion for several hours, low-grade wine can be collected; a liquid containing all the alcohol and flavor compounds in the lotion.

Then you need to pick the best part from the low-grade wines-only these can enter the spirits and become whiskeys. For this reason, low-grade wine is distilled in a second still. The first liquids that flowed out of the still were rough "foreground" and they were set aside. Next is the "core" of the operation-the whisky of the future, which is only collected for a few hours, and the spirits flowing out of the still become heavier and more oily. This is the last part, called "fekes", which has also been put aside.

The fruity esters produced during the fermentation process will appear early in the distillation, so in order to capture them in the spirit, we make sure to switch from the top to the heart in a few minutes. The reduction of fake movements also occurs earlier than usual-which means that the heavier and coarser compounds that appear in the end will not enter the spirit.


  • Ready to enter the bucket

Heart-cut wine is a colorless, fruity spirit, called new wine, with an alcohol content of 75%. Unusual fermentation and cutting points, it is smooth enough and full-bodied, no different from grappa or water of life. It is reduced to 63.5% by adding demineralized water, and then it can be barreled. Put the spirits in oak barrels and put them in the warehouse for at least three years and one day, but it may be longer.

Over time, the alcohol will become mellow and smooth, and will extract flavor and color from the wood. Filling a series of different types of casks, these will produce different flavors of whiskey. Once mature, several barrels will be selected and mixed into a batch, each barrel introducing different characteristics. The whiskey is then reduced to 46% bottling strength and bottled by hand at the distillery.


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