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300L/500L/1000L Micro Column Still Copper Vodka Whiskey Distillery Alcohol Distilling Machine

The column is composed of a series of plates or trays. The substance to be distilled (usually referred to as “feedstock” in industry parlance) is fed into the column at roughly the vertical halfway point. The feedstock runs down through the trays of the column due to gravity. However, coming up from the bottom of the column is a blast of steam. When the steam comes into contact with the feedstock, it volatilizes the ethanol and flavor components. As a result, these vapors begin traveling back up through the plates.
  • DGET 50-5000L


Product Description

300L/500L/1000L Micro Column Still

Copper Column still

Column stills, as their name suggests, are composed of straight columns. In most cases they eschew the bulbous pot design found in typical batch distillation systems.

In the world of bourbon production, there will likely only be a single column used to produce a constant stream of low wines, the name of the spirit that comes from the first distillation.

Those low wines are then fed into a doubler, essentially a small pot still that works continuously.

With vodka, where flavors need to be almost completely removed, a high degree of separation is desired. There may be four or five connected columns that all serve to purify the spirit to increasingly greater degrees.

And of course, these are simply the extremes for column still distillation. There are quite a few variations found in between for different distilleries and spirits.

Column still distillation seems simple enough. Turn on the heat, begin pumping feedstock and wait for the alcohol to emerge.

However, that seeming simplicity belies the necessity of skilled operators.

These stills must be monitored constantly because a small change in feedstock flow rate, incoming alcohol level, cooling, and so on can have huge impacts on the final spirit quality.


DEGONG 300L copper column still

  • Built for micro distillery

  • Produces any type of spirit (vodka, whiskey, bourbon, rum, brandy, etc.)

  • Achieves ABVs up to 95%

  • Lowers operating costs

  • Increases alcohol recovery rate


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