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300 400 Micron | Hop Filter/ Spider/ Filter Barrel Manufacturer

These stainless steel brewing filters are perfect for holding hops when brewing beer. They sit in the brewing kettle and maintain the hop content. They are great for preventing hop sticks from accumulating on the bottom of the kettle and also help prevent blockages in the plate cooler.
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Product Description

300 400 Micron Hop Filter

The basket/filter barrel is made of 100% 304/316 stainless steel. The stainless steel mesh is available in 300 or 400 microns, and based on the home brewer’s experience, this seems to be the best choice for hops. For pelleted hops, 300 micron has the best effect, and 400 micron has the best effect on whole leaf hops. 400 microns is also suitable for granular hops, but 300 microns tends to hold dust better.


304 ,316 ,304L,316L stainless steel wire mesh
Filtering Rate
300 micron,400 micron
Product Dimensions
15 x 15 x 35 cm
15 x 15 x 35 cm
Item Weight
458 g
848 g
These stainless steel brewing filters are perfect for containing hops while brewing beer! Known as a hop spider, hops filter, beer wort cup, wort scoop cup, hop basket, or just plain beer brewing filter, they sit inside a brewing kettle and keeps the hops contaiThey are great for keeping the hop gunk from building up on the bottom of your kettle and also help to keep your plate chiller from plugging up.



Material: Our beer filter is made of food-grade stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, heat resistance, pressure resistance, 300 micron stainless steel wire mesh (not easy to wrinkle or damage), uniform porosity, good filtering performance, and filtering effect Clearer beer and better taste;

Easy to use: Our funnel filter is a great addition to your home brewing equipment. It is better than a mesh bag because it can sink to the bottom of the keg without weighing anything. Apart from the taste, "Nothing "You can escape the hops;

Easy to clean: Turn the hop filter upside down and spray the mesh filter from the outside to rinse out the remaining residue. It can be cleaned quickly and easily in the sink, and it is easy to store for the next time you use the homebrew filter. We recommend that you clean it immediately after use;

Multi-purpose: Our hop filter can be used to filter home brew, beer, wine, homemade coffee. Suitable for coffee grinders, filter pots, filters, water purifiers and other accessories to filter impurities to make beer and drinks taste better;


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