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3/4 HP Air Gear Drive Drum Lid Mixer

The 3/4 HP air motor model can provide maximum agitation when providing 100 PSI @ 30 CFM. Please refer to our Air Motor Performance Guide​​​ to understand the operation under lower airflow.
  • 3/4 HP Drum Lid Mixer


Product Description

3/4 HP Drum Lid Mixer

Technical parameter

Power type pneumatic, compressed air
Material type liquid-liquid
Operation mode continuous operation
Applicable materials low-viscosity liquids such as paint, chemicals, food, beverages, glue, etc.
Mixing capacity 200L
Stirring viscosity low to medium viscosity below 4500CPS
Motor type piston air motor
Motor power 3/4HP (0.75HP) (The power of the pneumatic motor can be selected according to the viscosity and capacity of the material being stirred)
Speed range 0~700 rpm (speed adjustable)
Working pressure 0.4~0.7Mpa
Mixing shaft size Φ16×800mm (material SS304 stainless steel, the length of the mixing shaft is optional according to the mixing container)
Blade size 8″*2 (diameter 200MM, the size of the blade can be selected according to the mixing container)
Blade style three-blade (propeller) surface polishing treatment (mixing paddle style is optional)


  • The sturdy and durable drum cover mixer is ideal for use with heavy paints, epoxy resins, slurries, mortars and slurries.

  • The 3/4 HP air motor model can provide maximum agitation when providing 100 PSI @ 30 CFM.

  • The 5:1 ratio gearbox and speed control valve provide torque and control for 60-600 RPM mixing.

  • The 30" shaft is connected to the motor coupler and two 8" impellers by fixing screws.

  • The device is equipped with a standard 55-gallon lid.

  • All wetted parts are made of 316 stainless steel, which is chemically resistant.

  • Air motors provide variable speeds for maximum flexibility or multiple applications.

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Applicable materials: coatings, paints, inks, chemicals, solvents, chemicals, rubber, dyes, resins; food and beverages, grease, solder paste, dry powder, medicines, plastics, glue and other chemical fluid materials.

Packing details

Packed in carton, then packed in wooden box, or as required.

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