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3-15BBL Pub breweries & pilot systems standard configuration to product good beer

The Pub Brewing Equipment range from 1BBL to 50BBL.And Brewing Equipment can be placed in: restaurants, pub, bars, hotels, tourist and shopping centers. Interpreter may be faced with polished brass, copper besides stainless steel. Also, the Hotel Micro Brewing Equipment can be placed behind a glass partition that allows visitors to observe the process of making beer. This is an excellent design solution interior and a powerful marketing tool.
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Product Description
5BBL Pub breweries & pilot systems

Complete line of space efficient combi-tank brewing systems & pilot systems for brew pub & small brewery. 3-15 bbl breweries.


Brewhouse system 2/3/4 vessel accessible

Standard product features:

1 x Direct fired brew kettle/whirlpool vessel with power burner assembly

1 x Combi-tank with mash/lauter & hot liquor tank with immersion heater

1 x SS work platform with sanitary process piping & sanitary valves

1 x Sanitary wort pump with variable speed control

1 x Sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system

2 x Integrated water solenoid valves

1 x Control panel

2 x Tank light assemblies

1 x Mash hydration assembly

1 x Cellar package with brewers hoses, valves & fittings

1 x SS grist hopper

1 x grain auger

1 x two roll malt mill

6 x Fermenters/uni-tanks – single brew length

4 x Servers/brite beer tanks – single wall, single brew length

1 x Glycol chiller – outdoor unit 

1 x Cellar control panel with RTD & solenoid valves

1 x Portable sanitary CIP/wort pump, SS cart & VFD controller

1 x CAD layouts, installation assistance, assembly, training


Beer brewing equipment cellar tanks


Steam heated boiler

Multiple batch configuration

Lauter rakes & grain out plows

Mash/kettle mixer and grain transfer pump

Touch screen automated interface

Extra capacity mash lauter tun

Magnetic flow meter


2 stage heat exchanger

Kettle condensing vent stack


Agitator;Spent grain hatch with chute...

phe-and-wort-pump-minfermentation tank details-min

Pleate heat exchanger;wort pump;polish/finish

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In our excellent collection of brewing equipment, we offer our clients premium quality Microbrewery Equipment. This brewery equipment is well-manufactured by the use of premium quality components, basic material and sophisticated technology. 

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