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25mm38mm Rotating Tank Cleaning CIP Nozzle Bolts Rotating Stainless Steel Spray Ball for Tank Cleaning Connector

The main purpose of the washer is to remove all materials accumulated on the tank wall, thereby ensuring the sterility of the tank. The economical cleaning methods, chemicals, power and manpower should be used in the shortest possible time to achieve this purpose. A complete series of cleaning devices, including fixed tank washing balls.
  • 25/38mm
Product Description


stainless steel 304, 316L


According to the size of the container, the spray ball and outlet pipe diameters of different spherical diameters can be selected, the common specifications are DN15-DN100, 

Connection mode: 

internal thread connection, quick clamp connection mode.

Working principle: 

water pumping brake, automatic rotating spray washing, 360-degree rotating spray washing.

Scope of application: 

cleaning tanks, cleaning large containers. It involves industries such as beer, beverages, dairy products, biological engineering, water treatment, and chemical pipeline containers.


Design Features:

  • 1. Double bearing design, good rotation effect, better stability and longer service life

  • 2. Self-cleaning and self-lubricating design

  • 3. 360 degree cleaning, cleaning every place in the tank

  • 4. Low liquid consumption, running at low pressure

  • 5. Driven and lubricated by cleaning fluid

  • 6. The compact and hygienic design meets the requirements of the CIP system

  • 7. Very suitable for the cleaning of very small spaces, containers, and reactors



It is widely used in food, beverage, wine, medicine, chemical and other industries.

The main goal is to remove all materials accumulated on the tank to ensure sterility.


1) The main purpose is to clean small and medium-sized inner tanks, with a 360-degree coverage of the spray ball end and a cleaning radius of 1m.

2) Good cleaning effect, low consumption, low energy consumption, comprehensive universal cleaning tank at any angle, instead of traditional static spray, low cleaning liquid volume and low pressure.

3) Remove all materials accumulated on the tank wall to ensure the sterility of the tank.

4) The installation is convenient, and the tanks, reactors, containers and other containers are connected by bolts.


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