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20HL 2 Vessel Copper Craft Brewery Equipment for Sale in Finland

Using modern automatic plasma, laser wire cutting and pure argon gas shielded welding and other manufacturing technologies, the part of the pot/tank body in contact with wheat mash and other materials is all mirror polished, and the exterior is frosted and polished to ensure that customers are provided with advanced technology, High-quality, low-cost, luxurious and beautiful brewing system.
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Product Description

20HL Copper Craft Brewery Equipment

How to buy a craft brewery

With the rapid development of the craft beer industry, it is now easier than ever to brew small and large quantities of beer. In order to brew this beer, you need to invest in a craft brewery.

A winery usually refers to the entire brewing system, including fermentation tanks and bright tanks, but it can also refer only to containers, such as kettles or saccharification barrels. According to production needs, actual scale and operating scale, the winery can be fully customized for each buyer.

Potential buyers range from beer enthusiasts looking to purchase home brewing systems to beer bars and full-scale craft breweries investing in turnkey brewing systems. In other words, if you are curious about how to buy your own products, we recommend that you work with suppliers to create personalized solutions based on your specific needs and needs.


1000L copper brewing equipment

Different sizes and annual production capacity of craft brewing systems

According to the scale of production, the brewery is built according to specific conditions to produce a specific quantity of beer. The small home system attracts home brewers who produce a small amount of beer, and the nano and process systems are sufficient for small business operations. Brewpubs (restaurants/bars that brew and sell their own beer) produce thousands of barrels of beer each year, so complete production facilities are required to produce large quantities of beer for mass distribution.


7BBL red copper brewing equipment

Calculate the size of your craft brewery

The size of your craft brewery should be based on your production capacity and the size of your facility. Typical units of measurement (in terms of brewery systems and annual beer production) include:

Beer barrels-BBL, gallons-GAL and hectoliters-HL

1BBL = 31 GAL, 1 HL = 0.85 BBL

The maximum annual production capacity depends on how often you brew in any given week. Nano/craft breweries or brewpub systems are usually between 5BBL -15BBL and produce 500-3,000 barrels per calendar year. On a macro scale, a complete production brewery system will be 15BBL or higher, capable of producing more than 3,000 barrels per year.

The annual output is calculated using the following formula: (scale of the brewery) x (number of brews per week) x (approximately 50 weeks per year) = annual output

5BBL system × 2 brewing a week × 50 weeks = 500 BBL per year

5BBL system × 3 brewing a week × 50 weeks = 750 BBL per year

Suppliers should ask about the size of your facility, which will help determine how your customized brewery will be designed and installed to achieve maximum efficiency and output.


Copper distillation equipment


DEGONG is one of the professional manufacturers of Chinese brewing products. To export high-quality products, we also have a professional sales team. We all have great enthusiasm. We are willing to provide our customers with the best service. They are also friends. Therefore, if you choose DEGONG, you will not be disappointed in us. If you do business with us, you will feel very at ease.


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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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