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20BBL Commercial Brewery Copper Cans Turnkey Service

We can customize any micro beer brewery to meet the space and height constraints of your brewery. All micro beer breweries have a plate top. All Micro Beer Brewery uses Tri-clamp connections, designed for up to 14.7 PSI and tested at 30 PSI.


Product Description

20BBL Copper Brewery

Brief Introduction
The 20BBL beer system or small brewery is usually suitable for breweries that are much smaller and independently owned than large corporate breweries. The characteristics of this beer brewery are usually emphasizing flavor and brewing technology. We provide small breweries (small breweries) with a production rate of 500 liters (5hl) to 3500 liters (35 hl) per brew.


Product parameter
Main technical parameters DG-2BBL DG-5BBL DG-7BBL DG-8.5BBL DG-10BBL DG-15BBL DG-20BBL DG-25BBL DG-30BBL DG-40BBL DG-50BBL
Working volume(BBL) 2 5 7 8.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Material High quality Red copper, high precision polishing. Recommend the bar, hotel for visiting could choose copper for out tank decoration.
Inner tank diameter(mm) 800 1000 1150 1200 1300 1500 1600 1700 1700 1900 2150
Cylindrical height(mm) 600 750 750 750 1000 1000 1220 1220 1500 1500 1500
The external diameter of tank(mm) The external diameter is: the inner cylinder diameter+Insulationx2.
(Overall jacket: the inner cylinder diameter+Insulationx2 +overall jacket thicknessx2 )
The reference height(mm) The whole system is designed on the basis of beautiful appearance.
Finally, it depends on the buyer request,  design can be customized.
Inner surface roughness Mirror polish, Ra less than 0.22um
Head surface roughness Mirror polish/Matt wiredrawing processing
Bottom head type Flat bottom or 120°-185°cone
Heating type Electric heating, steam heating and gas fire heating.
Jacket type: If it is electric heating or gas fire heating will select the overall jacket, if steam heating will select the dimple jacket(miller plate jacket)
Heating area To meet the requirements of the boiling process
The material of insulation Anti-aging polyurethane Pearl (PU)
Insulation thickness(mm) 50/80/100mm
Outside skin Stainless steel 2B board/Mirror polish/Matt wiredrawing process,
Thickness:2mm, also we can do the out skin by copper
Exhaust funnel Specifications: Tri-clamp 76/89/102/133/159/219/300, outlet condensate water
Top Manhole DN300, DN350, DN400, DN500, DN600 for selection. With the sight glass, also can select the wheeled double doors.
Adjustable feet 3 or 4 legs, Round and with the adjustable screw
For selection
Agitator Paddle mixing, (weather you need mix should be based on the requirements)
Transmission equipment 0.25-15kw, Brand motor. Reducer, can choose the vertical type or the horizontal type. Put on the top or at the bottom, packing seal/mechanical seal
Wort inlet Specifications: tri clamp 32/38/51, winding pipe near the inner
Spray Ball Specification: Tri-clamp,63/76/89, choose the tri-clamp connection, detachable, 360°full range clean., installed on the top
Wort outlet Specifications: tri clamp 25/32/38/51
Drain hole Specifications: tri clamp 25/32/38/51
Circular hole Specifications: tri clamp 25/32/38/51
Circulation tangent tube Specifications: tri clamp 25/32/38/51, near the inner
Sight light Specification: DN80, Flange, 220v/25w
Thermometer hole Specification: M12x1.5(Digital display)/M27X2 or Tri-clamp 32
Vent hole Specifications: tri clamp 25/32/38/51
Jacket inlet/Outlet Metric tread/English screw/American standard thread
LOGO Nameplate Laser engraving, Detail content
Port, valve With Germany technology and automatic welding, Specification: Tri-clamp 25/32/38/51
Manual butter-fly valve, Pneumatic butterfly valve, solenoid valve could be choose.


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