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20BBL Equipment for The Preparation of Drinking Water To Cooling The Wort

An ice water tank is used for the preparation of ice water (using a cooling glycol unit and a plate heat exchanger) and its storage until the entire contents of the container are used to cool the wort to fermentation temperature (using a plate heat exchanger).


Product Description

20BBL Cold water tank

By passing the ice water through the plate heat exchanger, the heat from the hot wort is discharged, and then the ice water becomes hot water, which is then stored in the hot water tank.

The ice water tank is an insulated cylindrical container equipped with an external liquid level indicator, a thermometer and an ice water pump.

When do you need a glycol system?

1. Wort production:

The plate heat exchanger may be one of your glycol circuits, or it may be a pipeline from a cold liquid tank cooled by a glycol cooler.

2. Fermentation:

In this step, the yeast will start to consume sugar and therefore release calories.

Just like an anxious driver stepping on the accelerator, this can cause overheating in the process.

The glycol system will help the brakes, allowing you to better control the internal temperature and overall fermentation, and allow you to better control the quality of the beer.

During the wort production process, glycol water and tap water cool the wort from around 98 degrees to 7-12 degrees.


Ratio of ethylene glycol to water

In order to save costs, you need to ensure that the proper glycol and water mixture is used when setting up the cooling system.

Too much ethylene glycol will make your freezing point far below the required freezing point, and waste money to buy refrigerant.

Too little, you may face the risk of freezing of the entire system, leaving the fermentation process out of control!

Generally, based on the total effective volume of the tank, we recommend a ratio of ethylene glycol to water of 1:3, so that the minimum temperature can reach -20 degrees without freezing.

Brewing beer is both beneficial and fun, especially if you like to design systems that work at maximum efficiency.

Make sure to follow the correct procedures when using the cooling system, and use the glycol system to keep your equipment at peak performance.

This will make you less worry about the process and focus more on brewing the best craft beer!

All of our beer brewing equipment is equipped with high-quality sanitary parts, which are customized for each of our customers.


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