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200L Home Brew Beer Brewing Equipment | Copper Brewery Manufacturer

There are many aspects and reasons that affect the quality of beer. We believe that beer equipment will be a very important part of it. We are very confident to provide high-quality products to meet customer needs.
  • DEGONG-200L
Product Description

200L Home Brew Beer Equipment

DEGONG Copper Brewery provides beer brewers with a simple and cost-effective brewing solution. Most people who choose copper over stainless steel value appearance. We save space and cost without affecting the brewing quality and control. The Red Copper Brewhouse system offers multiple options to help provide brewing efficiency, control and automation, and overall flexibility.

Typical size range: 2 BBL, 3 BBL, 5 BBL, 7 BBL, 10 BBL, 15 BBL (customizable size and configuration)


Main products
Brew House Beer Tank Support Equipments SS Keg Kegging line

100L to 5000L

(3BBL to 40BBL)

100L to 20000L

(3BBL to 50BBL)


DIN 20L,30L,

US 1/6, 1/4,1/2bbl.

Euro 20L,30L,50L.


per hour

Single Two vessels,

Combined Two vessels Three vessel,

Four vessels

or  Customized

Concial / Horizontal Malt mill, hot liquor and glycol tanks, plate heat exchanger,steam generator, CIP system, PLC contro system. /

Single station,

Doubel station

Conbained system

Pumps, pipelines, Platform, plate heatexchanger, control system sample valve, cleaning ball, temperature sensor, coolant belt. safety valve, dry hops port. /


  • You can see all the copper distilleries above, we have 2 containers, 3 containers and so on.

  • Mash / Lauter Tun with lateral grain output channel

  • Brewing pot/vortex container with integrated steam jacket and temperature control

  • Siemens PLC semi-automatic control

  • Saccharification control system with Siemens control panel

  • 316L or 304 sanitary pump with VFD control

  • 304 stainless steel plate heat exchanger suspended


1000L copper brewing equipment

Packing and shipping

The packaging adopts wooden box, iron frame and PE film.

Our manufacturer time is approximately 35 working days.

The transit time is approximately 35-40 days.

We can handle customization issues for you, so you don't need to do anything before the goods arrive at your location.


Copper distillation equipment

Our advantage

1. Professional manufacturing factory

2. Good quality and service control system, produced by skilled workers

3. Design according to customer requirements

4. Timely and effective delivery

5. Flexible payment methods.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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