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200L Distillation Tower Single Boiler System Alcohol Distillation Equipment

Compared with competitor manufacturers, our biggest advantage and difference is that we are used to produce distillation towers, boilers and copper plates with a covering thickness of 2.5-5 mm to ensure high-quality and high-purity alcohol and long life. There is also a distillation unit.
  • DEGONG-200L
Product Description

Distillation Tower Single Boiler System

In our photo library, you can see single-wall boilers with electric stirring or double-wall boilers with electric stirring, at an extra charge. The maximum delivery volume of the boiler is: 160 L, 180 L, 200 L, 220 L, 300 L, 320 L and 380 L. The approximate space required for the installation of the distillation unit is 3.5m x 4m x 3.2m in length.

We can also produce double boiler distillation technology. You can find more information about this distillation technique in the section on dual boiler systems.


The main advantages of a single boiler system
  • You can influence the alcohol and aroma of spirits

  • The shrinkage of the distillation unit is smaller

  • Energy saving up to 40% (water, gas, electricity)

  • Higher spiritual extraction

  • Lower purchasing cost

  • Shorter distillation time

  • Mental condition


50L/100L/200L Copper Household Alcohol Distiller

Packing details

Packing: LCL wooden/single box;

The whole box is wrapped with plastic film and fixed with iron frame;

We can pack according to your requirements.


We hope to establish good business relations with customers through sincere contact and cooperation. The company's aim is to supreme quality and credibility, and sincerely welcome domestic and foreign partners.

We have exported a large number of orders to foreign countries. And our company already has a good reputation in this field. Most of our customers are from South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Ireland and Africa.


Contact us

A wide range of models can meet the various requirements of each market and ensure that you can always find a solution that suits you. If you want to know more detailed information about our equipment, please contact us.

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