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200L 300L Multifunctional Distillation Equipment for Vodka Whiskey Gin Copper Distillery

Distilled alcohol is a kind of alcoholic beverage with higher ethanol concentration than the original fermentation product. Brandy, whisky, rum and Chinese liquor are all distilled spirits, most of which are spirits with high degree. The production process is first brewing, then distilling, then cooling, and finally obtaining the alcohol solution drinks with high degree.
  • DG-200L 300L


Product Description

Multifunctional Copper Distillery


This still was completely re-worked and all the components optimally matched and aligned. The typical boiler with its ingenious, but uncomplicated water sealing system is supplied along with a mash sieve and a removable refining lentil. Also included are: the well-designed head, which is perfect for aroma distillation, with the screwed on swan neck, a spacer, and a generously sized condenser with cool water intake and drain. The newly designed still provides a well-formed head which allows the vapor to circulate better, an improved refining lentil with an effective integrated copper coil and an additional water drain. Uncomplicated and practical professional equipment for everyone who simply wants to distil and experiment with different fractionating levels and alcohol content and, at the same time, do not place much value on a classical-looking still. This equipment is excellent for distilling highly aromatic fruit schnapps from your own mash - and for the distillation of especially high-proof alcohol (e.g. vodka) using the refining lentil.

Product name
200L 300L distillation equipment
Red copper/ Stainless steel 304/ Scale plate
Alcohol Making, Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, etc
Boiler, Onion head, Distillation column, Dephlegmator, Gin basket, Condenser, Parrot mouth, Support frame, etc


DEGONG 200/300L multifunctional copper distillery


1. Fewer welding lines: All DEGONG copper raw materials are customized, which can ensure that the head plate and the pot shell with a diameter of less than 2200m have only one welding line, which is more beautiful in appearance and avoids too many welding seams due to the risk of electric leakage.

2. Adjust the structure of the column distiller: The new processing equipment developed by DEGONG, the height of the column can reach 2000mm, 10 plates with a pair of flanges, and the bubble plates are tightly embedded in the inner shell, making the surface appearance smooth, beautiful, simple and generous .

3. Separation condenser: The countersunk type is used, which is conducive to the separation of gas and liquid, allowing the alcohol vapor to contact more copper parts, reducing cyanide, and making the spirits taste better.

4. Bypass valve: Our self-developed automatic control system adopts bypass valve. Pneumatic valves can also be used instead.

5. Cleaning ball valve: The original manual valve is changed to a customized check valve, this change can reduce the number of operations while still cleaning.

6. Explosion-proof LED light: We have made a new design on the column still, which is more safe and convenient to check the inside.

7. Increase the cooling water collection tank: save space and develop steadily

8. Add head, heart and tail tank: save space and develop stable

9. Automation: heating control, temperature display, cooling water control, raw material flow control, pneumatic control of all valves.


The company takes the concept of craft construction system as the main line, combined with traditional manual process construction and industrial manufacturing as the support. The practice of copper distillation equipment relies on years of manufacturing experience, large-scale complete manufacturers of technology and craftsmanship, and builds each equipment with meticulous and professional quality.

The spirits distilled by DEGONG distillation equipment are natural flavors, not artificially blended flavors. Whether first or double distillation, the wine is smooth and sweet, with elegance and balance. The taste is much better than the spirit of using traditional stills.

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The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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