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2000L Red Copper Hotel Brewhouse - China DEGONG Supplier Manufacturer

Provide effective solutions for industrial breweries for those who take beer production seriously. Before we carry out technical and development work on the brewery, the largest production capacity and the highest possible production efficiency are the top priorities. We still enhance these two parameters based on customer requirements and their experience in such breweries.
  • DEGONG-2000L


Product Description

2000L Red Copper Hotel Brewhouse

The main components include six parts
  • Malt Mill System

 1X stainless steel mill

  • Beer brewing system

 1X 2000l Mash Tun / Lauter Tank

 1X 2000l Whirlpool Water Tank/Brewing Pot

 1X 3000l hot water tank (electric heating or steam heating)

 1X heat exchanger

  • Fermentation system

 6 x 2000l beer fermentation tank

 2 X 2000 liters of bright beer cans

  • Cooling system

 1 x water glycol tank

 1 X Cooler glycol device

  • Cleaning system

 1X disinfection tank

 1X alkali tank

 1X disinfection car

 1X disinfection pump

  • Control System

 1X PLC screen monitors the fermentation temperature


Main advantages of wort machine

A compact standardized wort machine based on a common framework. The saccharification chamber can be easily transported in one unit, or it can be broken down into 3 smaller parts.

Our brewery can produce almost all types of beers, which are widely known in Europe and the United States. The brewery allows the use of soaking or decoction methods to produce beer.

The whirlpool is integrated under the filter barrel. This solution saves space in the brewery.

The ingredients are prepared at the beginning of the brewing process. Brewer does not need to intervene in the brewing process (only automatic version).

There are two options for wort filtration-gravity filtration (first stage) and pump filtration (second stage).

The electrical switchgear and the control computer are integrated in the main body of the brewing room. This solution greatly eliminates the wiring and electrical work required on site.

Use deionization tape to eliminate the negative impact of water conductivity on beer quality.

The structure of the brewery allows you to start mashing the second batch at the end of the first batch-it speeds up the double brewing process.

The lower engine agitator is located below the bottom of the saccharification chamber to prevent grease from dripping into the saccharification chamber.

Easy access to all controls and flaps.

Unique glass one-handed doors on both tanks. The overpressure manhole must not be opened during the wort production process, and slight overpressure in the brewing room will speed up the brewing process.

Accurately calculated container size to minimize the oxidation of wort.

Automatically discharge waste food.

The removable section sieve with trapezoidal holes can filter the wort perfectly. High screen carrying capacity

Possibility to produce beer from barley malt and wheat malt. The brewery also allows the production of beer from malt extract or wort concentrate.



Industrial breweries are mainly for customers who are considering producing beer for external customers and distributing beer to the beverage market. But they are also suitable for large restaurants in stadiums, large entertainment facilities, hotels and pensions, and catering companies that have special requirements for industrial beer production.


Copper distillation equipment


DEGONG is a high-quality craft brewing equipment manufacturer in China. We can produce beer of different sizes according to customer needs, such as 50L home brewing system, 100L/200/300L/500L hotel brewing system, bar and laboratory brewery, etc. Field: 800L/1000/2000L/3000/5000L beer equipment used in the brewery.

We provide turnkey beer brewing lines, including saccharification barrels/filter barrels/kettles/vortex tanks, conical fermentation tanks/beer bright tanks, CIP cleaning trucks, cooling systems, PLC control systems, and beer filling systems.

We provide a package of solutions for industrial breweries and craft breweries, including design, manufacturing, installation and brewing technology consulting. Has more than 10 years of experience.

Our brewery equipment is strictly tailored to the needs of customers.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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