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2000L Durable Brite Beer Tank Beer Secondary Tank

Brite beer cans constitute the final stage of the brewing process, after which the beer can be bottled. The BBT we use to filter beer is customized to ensure perfect finish, pressure and size. The cooling capacity, insulation and pressure (including static pressure) of the tank can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • DEGONG-2000L


Product Description

2000L Brite Beer Tank

Specifications of 2000L Brite Tank

Bright Beer Tank
Structure Dish top
Usage it is used for storage beer
Material 1.all Stainless steel 304/316
2.jacket: dimple jacket
3.insulation layer: PU
4.as to the thickness, we can make it according to your requirement.

Pressure relief valve(30psi)

Shadowless manway

CIP pipelines

1” butterfly valve for CIP pipeline

butterfly valve for drain with elbow



Sample valve

Pressure gauge

1 extra 2” spare hole for CO2 stone on side of tank body for option

3/4 adjustable solid legs

Our advantage 1.we can supply various kinds of volume, minimum 2BBL~maximun 200BBL and even larger.
2.PU insulation is adopted, jacket will be dimple jacket
3.interior surface is Mirror polishing and exterior is 2B finish/brush polishing
4.we also can equip you with a cooling system as your requirement.
5.competitive price and also higher quality tank.

Working Volume (L) Dimension of Tank (D*H) mm Total Height (H) mm Diameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm) Diameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm) Diameter of Inlet&Outlet (mm)
500 Dia 800*800 1750 Dia 38 50 440*320
1000 Dia 1000*1200 2200 Dia 38 50 440*320
1500 Dia 1100*1400 2500 Dia 38 50 550*430
2000 Dia 1200*1500 2700 Dia 38 50 550*430
3000 Dia 1400*1700 3150 Dia 51 50 550*430
4000 Dia 1500*2100 3450 Dia 51 50 550*430
5000 Dia 1600*2200 3590 Dia 51 50 550*430
6000 Dia 1700*2200 3650 Dia 51 50 550*430
8000 Dia 1800*2700 4350 Dia 51 50 550*430
10000 Dia 2000*2800 4450 Dia 51 50 550*430
41 34 32


Suitable for small breweries as a startup company, but also very suitable for large restaurants.

It can also be used for seasonal breweries and market testing.

The whole adopts certified SUS304. Every detail has been strictly processed and controlled.


  • Liquid drain (no beer outlet)

  • Ice water inlet and outlet

  • The entrance of carbonized stone is a special porous stone for carbonization of carbon dioxide bottle beverage.

  • Atmospheric pressure manhole

  • Breathing valve

  • Pressure gauge

  • CIP entrance

  • Sampling valve, clean and disinfectable sampling cock, used to collect product samples

  • Temperature sensor: PT100

  • The material of the level gauge is Pu and plexiglass

  • Spray ball


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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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