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200-5000L Vodka/Brandy/Gin Distillation Equipment Brewing Equipment for Sale

Copper has good thermal conductivity and helps extract aroma. The tower structure makes the process more efficient and the alcohol content is higher. If needed, the machine can be equipped with a gin basket to add the aroma and flavor of Geneva to the alcohol vapor.
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Product Description

200-5000L copper distillation equipment

Main feature
  • Flexible modular system, free to combine components.

  • Optimize the distillation tower for high-quality fractions

  • Our high-efficiency distillation tower can effectively rectify and purify the distillate, and can easily achieve an alcohol concentration of up to 96% vol. At any desired level of purity.

  • The integrated high-pressure flushing system can effectively clean the entire distillation unit.

  • Copper catalytic converter technology guarantees the reduction of unwanted acid content and the content of cyanide and urethane.

  • The three-way ball valve can be used to make the distillation equipment multi-functional, and different spirits can be made according to customer needs.

  • Coordinated fine distillation bottom with maximized copper contact surface. This continuously further developed design ensures the desired flavor spread and separation from unwanted ingredients


Working capacity 200-5000L
Total Volume working capacity*130%-150%
Voltage 200V-240V/380-440V/600V
Weight 500kg-5000kg
Material SUS3048/SUS316L/COPPER
Welding Technolog High purity argon arc welding
Heating Method Steam/Water bath/Oil/Electric/Firewood/Gas
Heating form Direct or indirect heating
Distillation method Liquid distillation by default, custom solid distillation can be customized
Running time 2-8h,Customizable continuous distillation
Shape Upper and lower heads/Customizable
Distilled products Gin/Whisky/Vodka/Brandy/Tequila/Rum/Bourbon
Optional module 1.Cooling water recycling system
2.Light system
3.Alcohol storage tank system(Head/Heart/Tail)


500L Copper Alcohol Distillation Equipment

  • Adopting German technology and traditional Chinese distillation equipment design, and after many tests and feedback from foreign customers.

  • Good sealing reduces waste, increases wine yield (5%-10%), and improves quality.

  • One machine with dual use. The distiller can produce whiskey, rum, brandy, tequila, etc. after one operation, and the alcohol content can reach 95% in two distillations, and it can also remove methanol.

  • Fast heat conduction and energy saving. The material of our distiller is thicker than the distiller provided by many other manufacturers. We use red copper as our copper material. It is a special material for pressure vessels, contains 99.9% pure copper, and has good heat treatment performance.

  • Reduce waste and save labor. Also easy to operate and control

  • The raw materials can be grains, fruits, molasses, and low alcohol.

  • The equipment is made of stainless steel and copper, with beautiful appearance and high sanitary level.

  • Save your floor space and greatly improve the sanitation of the entire distillation site.


Copper brewing equipment

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A wide range of models can meet the various requirements of each market and ensure that you can always find a solution that suits you. If you want to know more detailed information about our equipment, please contact us.

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