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20 Gallon Horizontal Pressure Tank Customized Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel

All products are done in our own manufacturing base, so quality and delivery time can be safely guaranteed and indirect troubles can also be avoided. Double inspection ensures that the quality is fully guaranteed.
  • DG-20 Gallon


Product Description

20 Gallon Horizontal Pressure Tank

Details for Pressure Tank
  • Pressure Tanka adopt a standard or un-standard design, standardization of welding technology, With add and release air device, and surface painted oil paint with advanced technology.

  • It has the range of withstand voltage, strong corrosion-resistance, and easy to use and maintain.

  • Widely used in pressure water supply equipment, constant pressure water supply equipment.

Features of Pressure Tank
  • To ensure the water tank's internal membrane structure, not in contact with the tank wall, so no rust inside the tank wall, the external condensation phenomenon, greatly extends the service life.

  • The rubber diaphragm can relax more than 200000 times, after filling can be used for a long time.

  • Gentle and water pressure fluctuation in the system can effectively reduce the start-stop frequency of the pump.

  • The diaphragm for food-grade natural rubber diaphragm can be applied in the drinking water system.


Pressure Tank


Carbon Steel

Performance Characteristics

1.Pressure stabilization

3.Stable flow for fire-fighting

4.Full-automatic control
5.Complete function
6.Complete interface


A Diaphragm pressure tank is an energy storage device consists of a steel shell and a rubber diaphragm tank, rubber diaphragm separates the water room and air room completely when the external pressure of the water filling the diaphragm tank, the sealed air of the tank is compressed. According to the law of Boyle gas, the gas volume becomes smaller when it is compressed, pressure to store energy, compressed gas expansion can push the water out of the tank.


1.Fire-fighting hydrants and sprinklers in high buildings

2.Water supply for life and fire-fighting systems
3.Pumps for all industries
4.Fire-fighting water supply in deluge systems



1) On time delivery:

• We place your order on our tight production schedule, keeping our customers informed about the production process and ensuring on-time delivery.

• Shipping Notice/Insurance is given to you once your order ships.

2) After-sale service:

• Reasonable solutions and/or responses should be provided within 24 hours of any inquiry.

• Warranty terms and conditions should be strictly adhered to.

• Appropriate maintenance services should be provided

3) Professional design and efficient solutions:

• Our experienced engineers and experts guarantee satisfactory designs and solutions for our customers

• Extensive experience with bid assistance, including documentation support

• Provide efficient solutions through our professional designers and technical support staff

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