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150L/200L Copper Vodka/Rum/Whisky/Brandy/Gin Household Alcohol Distiller

The micro distiller produced by DEGONG is specially designed and manufactured for use in homes and small wineries. It occupies a small space and is easy to operate. The investment is also very small. If you want to distill good wine for your family, or want to start a small winery, these micro-distillers must be your best choice.
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Product Description

Copper Household Alcohol Distiller

Product Name Home Alcohol Still, 150L, 200L
Capacity(L) 150L, 200L
Power(W) 6KW
Voltage(V) 220-240V/380V
Materials SUS304/SUS316L/red copper
Usage Moonshine distilling of vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, Milk Heating


Key components and related functions
  • Still pot: The pot is heated by 6KW electric heating elements and is used to extract alcohol from the mash. Stainless steel manholes and movable legs with wheels make the entire distillation process easier.

  • Control panel: The control panel is used to control the mash in the boiler heated by the electric heating element. You can set the maximum. He Min. The temperature heated by this control panel.

  • Copper helmet/onion head: The copper helmet can reduce the unpleasant taste and make the alcohol smoother, so it can be made into a good spirit. This can be an optional option for the distiller.

  • Still column: The blister plate is used for reflux. The number of plates can range from 4 to 24 per distillers grain requirement. The more plates you use, the higher the alcohol percentage of the spirits.

  • Condenser: The key to the fractionation tower is the whole, without it it is very difficult to create reflux. This device allows cold water to condense your alcohol vapor as it passes through multiple internal cooling tubes, causing it to fall back into your chromatographic column. Then the blister plates can do their job, allowing you to purify the ethanol to very high concentrations.

  • Gin basket: The gin basket is used to hold the spicy flavor and produce the flavored spirits that people like. This can be an optional option for the distiller.


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A wide range of models can meet the various requirements of each market and ensure that you can always find a solution that suits you. If you want to know more detailed information about our equipment, please contact us.

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