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1500L Turnkey Copper Brewery System | Brewing Equipment Manufacturer DEGONG

A set of luxury craft hotel beer brewing equipment, authentic beer on-site brewing, brewing and sales, the ingenious integration of beer production and consumption, not only demonstrates the grade and strength of your hotel, but also adds operating characteristics and highlights.
  • DEGONG-1500L


Product Description

1500L Turnkey Copper Brewery System

These complete sets of hotel beer equipment meet the standards and specifications of modern hotel beer equipment. These products can systematically undergo grinding, saccharification, fermentation, filtration, filling and other related processes. Before entering the market, we implement strict testing procedures for each brewing system.

  • Mashing bucket, filter bucket, brewing kettle / whirlpool, hot wine tank

  • Mashing/Brewing Kettle, Filter Bucket, Whirlpool, Hot Wine Jar

  • Malt / brewing pot, filter barrel / whirlpool, hot wine tank

  • Mash bucket, filter bucket, brewing kettle, whirlpool, hot wine tank


1500L copper brewing equipment

Fermentation system

The fermentation process of beer is the normal life activity of beer yeast using the fermentable substances in the wort under certain conditions, and the product of its metabolism is the desired product-beer. Due to the different types of yeasts, fermentation conditions and product requirements, flavors, and fermentation methods are also different. According to different types of yeast fermentation, beer can be divided into top fermented beer and bottom fermented beer. Generally, beer fermentation technology can be divided into traditional fermentation technology and modern fermentation technology. Modern fermentation mainly includes cylindrical open-air cone fermentation tank fermentation, continuous fermentation and high-concentration dilution fermentation, etc., and mainly adopts cylindrical open-air cone fermentation tank fermentation.


1000L copper fermentation system sold in the United States

Product Details
  • Mirror polishing

Internal polishing: The whole is polished to 0.4μm without dead corners.

External polishing: mirror polishing, smooth enough, passivation treatment.

Purpose: to ensure that the inner tank is smooth enough to avoid any dead angles that would cause the wort beer to change its flavor. The outer tank looks more like a work of art.

  • 100% TIG welding

All welding is TIG welding.

All welding is full welding.

All welding is double-sided welding.

Purpose: Use argon gas to protect the metal welding material, so that the welding can not be in contact with oxygen in the air, so as to prevent the welding material from oxidizing, and make the storage tank durable.

  • False bottom/sieve plate

Equipped with Lauter slot, laser milling

Filter gap: 0.8mm

This filter plate is made of all stainless steel by a CNC lathe, with high strength, fast filtering speed and no powder leakage. It has a good effect on the separation of wort and impurities.


Beautiful copper equipment

Packaging and shipping

1. Use export standard bubble film packaging, and then use for individual beer cans and wooden box packaging for less beer equipment. LCL transportation.

2. If there are more tanks or complete sets of breweries, use bubble film packaging and containers for full box transportation.

3. Bulk carrier or independent container, the size and quantity depend on configuration and capacity.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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