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1500L 396Gallon Copper Vodka Distillation Equipment Whiskey Rum Distiller Supplier

DEGONG sells newly manufactured high-quality 1500L copper distiller, multi-column, vodka distillation equipment, whiskey rum gin making machine. It is suitable for low alcohol content and high alcohol content to obtain high-quality spirits.
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Product Description

396Gallon Copper Distiller Supplier

6 reasons why copper is used in distillation equipment

1. The oldest pedigree

"Copper is the oldest metal for mankind, dating back more than 10,000 years." Only with the technology available at that time, copper will become the first choice for the production of various metals and a convenient tool for ancient people. Moreover, since the distilling of spirits has a history of more than two thousand years, it makes sense to choose copper.

2. Easiest to deform

Fortunately, this ancient metal can easily change shape because copper is very malleable. Therefore, early in history, given the limited production technology at the time, it seemed a logical choice to use copper in different types of containers. For distillation purposes, it is assumed that the use of copper is mainly based on ease of use.

3. Antibacterial properties

Interestingly, copper can eradicate certain types of bacteria and fungi. Copper is commonly used for fungus control in various agriculture. Not surprisingly, copper pipe is indeed the material of choice for residential and commercial water supply pipelines, because copper is commonly used as an algicide for water purification.

4. Heat transfer characteristics

There is no doubt that for some miraculous reason, electrons can move freely in copper. These conductive electrons help copper become a very good conductor of heat (and for that matter it is also cold). For spirits distillation purposes, heating and removing heat are necessary. Copper does both well.

5. Removal of volatile sulfur compounds

When fermentation is nearing completion, non-optimal fermentation practices can lead to poor yeast health. In addition to the antibacterial properties of copper, the properties of copper enable a chemical reaction inside the distillation equipment to remove volatile sulfur compounds released by the yeast during the fermentation process. These sulfur compounds will affect the final perceived quality of the finished product. The debate about how much copper is needed in the vapor path to chelate the sulfide will always be fierce. However, one thing is certain: there cannot be too much copper in the steam path. However, using copper as a crutch to practice less-than-ideal fermentation techniques does not produce noble spirits.

6. Beauty

Last but not least, for some reason, copper looks so striking. It's hard not to stare when it lights up! Even if the patina is fully developed, it is hard not to stare! For some reason, staring at it is almost a cure. It is fascinating. It is magical.


Exquisite copper distillation equipment



Ready to buy copper distillation equipment for your commercial brewery? You have come to the right place! DEGONG provides various copper distiller components.


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