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3/4inchi 24v DC Brass Electric Solenoid Valve Used for Water, Beer, Beverage

This solenoid valve is a direct-acting valve, which means it can be operated without applying pressure and is suitable for a range of fluids including fuel, oil and water. As a normally closed solenoid valve, fluid flow is closed before the valve is activated. When the current flowing through the coil inside the valve is energized, the valve opens and allows liquid to flow through the pipe.
  • 24v DC/230v AC


Product Description


Brass solenoid valve

This  solenoid valve is therefore designed for applications where fluid only needs to be released on occasions, such as to feed a generator with diesel from the back up storage tank. It could also be wired into a pump ensuring that fuel only enters the pipework from the tank when the pump is turned on.

  • Direct acting normally closed solenoid valve

  • Screwed BSP Parallel FXF

  • NBR diaphragm suitable for fuels, oils and water

  • Max. Temperature: 80°C

  • Available in sizes ½” to 1”

  • Available in 230v AC or 24v DC

  • AC ½” Working Pressure: 10 bar (air), 10 bar (water), 7 bar (light oil)

  • AC ¾” to 1” Working Pressure: 10 bar (air), 10 bar (water), 7 bar (light oil)

  • DC ½” Working Pressure: 6 bar (air), 6 bar (water), 4 bar (light oil)

  • DC ¾” to 1” Working Pressure: 6 bar (air), 6 bar (water), 4 bar (light oil)


  • Working principle of solenoid valve:

    Solenoid valve is a kind of electromechanical control valve, without the need for engineers to manually operate the valve. Usually, as long as the medium flow rate needs to be automatically controlled, solenoid valves are used. More and more factories are using solenoid valves, because there are a variety of different designs to choose from, so that they can choose the valve suitable for the relevant application. In this article, MGA Controls discusses the working principle of solenoid valves and explains the structure of solenoid valves.

  • Operation of solenoid valve:

    So, how does the solenoid valve work? When the iron plunger of the solenoid valve is in the rest position, it closes a small hole. Then current flows through the coil, generating a magnetic field. The magnetic field then exerts a force on the iron plunger, causing the plunger to be pulled toward the center of the coil, opening the orifice. This in turn controls the flow, allowing the media to be closed or released.

  • Types of solenoid valves:

    There are three main types of solenoid valve technology: direct-acting, indirect and forced-lifting piston. These solenoid valves work slightly differently and are suitable for different applications.


Adopt high-frequency direct lifting diaphragm structure. Open with large flow starting from 0 bar. Suitable for low-pressure systems. Provide 12v dc, 24v dc, 24v ac, 110v ac and 220v ac. 2 kinds of materials for your choice, brass and stainless steel. Suitable for water, air, oil, gas, etc. It is widely used in various automation applications. Provide G and NPT threads.

DEGONG is committed to becoming your first solenoid valve manufacturer, and we will help you choose the right and high-quality solenoid valve according to your requirements.


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