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10mm/12mm/14mm/50mm 304 Stainless Steel Food Grade Sanitary Direct-view Mirror with Protective Net

Stainless steel sanitary clip-on mirrors We provide complete standards for sanitary mirrors of different standards. Made of forged steel Size: 1/2"-8" DN15-200 Standard: ISO, DIN, SMS, 3A, AS, BPE, BAS4825, grade: AISI304 or AISI316L Pressure: 10bar Glass lens can choose borosilicate as required The salt or polycarbonate or tempered glass full window is easy to assemble and easy to clean. The transparent window is compact static design. The safe work of tempered glass and polycarbonate glass is suitable for all sight glasses products. The inner surface finish is Ra0.4, which meets the requirements of the food industry. Our hygienic sight glasses are widely used in the food, beverage, dairy, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • 10mm/12mm


Product Description
  • The straight-through mirror is composed of stainless steel structure and glass. In the production process of food processing, petroleum, chemical fiber, medicine, cosmetics and fine chemical industry, the flow reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media can be clearly and accurately observed through the sight glass, which is an indispensable accessory to ensure normal production.

  • Sight mirrors are divided into straight-through mirrors, four-way mirrors, Yuren mirrors, flange mirrors and other styles, as well as illuminated mirrors and wiper mirrors.


Structural features:

  • ⑴ It adopts J44W-220R DN15 high-pressure shut-off valve form, conical surface seal, PTFE packing seal.

  • ⑵ The valve body can pass through insulation steam, which is used as a medium for insulation to prevent liquid crystallization.

  • ⑶The valve body is welded to the tower container to increase the temperature of the valve body and prevent liquid crystallization for the second time.

  • ⑷ Integral valve body, double valve stem structure, reasonable appearance layout.

  • ⑸ The valve cover is connected with the valve body by bolts, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

  • ⑹ The valve clack and the valve stem are an integral structure, and the medium flow passage in the valve body cavity is unobstructed to prevent false liquid level.


Points to note when installing and using controllable thermal insulation mirrors:

  • ⑴ Improve the material of the sight glass gasket. Use the PTFE plate with corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance. When installing, the sealing surface and gasket should be visually inspected. There should be no defects such as radial grooves and scratches. The sealing gasket should be installed flat and accurate in position. There must be no deflection or center offset, and the contact is good to meet the requirements of use.

  • ⑵ Strengthen the management of production process indicators. Strictly control the outlet gas temperature of the pre-distillation tower at 120℃, the pressure is 1.765MPa, the outlet gas temperature of the first suction tower is ≤46℃, and the pressure is 1.765MPa to prevent over-temperature and over-pressure.


If you want to choose a sight glass, you must choose the high-quality humanized design of the stainless steel manhole, the appearance is beautiful, the overall thickening design is more pressure-resistant, temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to install and flexible, with meticulous workmanship and quality. Pay attention to every detail and Every quality.


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