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10HL Complete Set of Beer Brewing Equipment 1000L Commercial Brewery Brewhouse System

10HL Hotel beer brewing system the two vessels tanks,including mash /lauter tun,boil/whirlpool tun and hot water tank. The daily production of beer can reach 3 batches. 9000-10000L Beer production per month,which is totally meet the requirement of Mid-size hotel. If you or your customers are looking for hotel beer brewing equipment, or have expansion plans for the original equipment, we can help you solve technical problems.
  • DG-10HL


Product Description

10HL Beer Brewing Equipment

The whole equipment is made of stainless steel,Stainless steel square tube as a support, firm and hard.

According to the customer's actual energy supply situation, different mash heating methods such as electric heating, steam heating can be provided.

The side part is equipped with a heat exchanger to initially cool the hot wort, and then inject it into the fermenter for fermentation. The fermenter is jacketed and the Miller board is used for refrigeration. The cooling tube embedded in the polyurethane foam is in line with the refrigeration system. Connected, the bottom of the fermentation tank is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can automatically cool and control the temperature.

Top sight glass, side oval manhole, inspection hand hole, top breathing valve, side mechanical pressure regulating valve, the bottom third is the beer outlet, the bottom drain, the residue in the wort and CIP Drainage after cleaning is discharged through manual valve.

Siemens touch screen control system, PLC set saccharification temperature and time, with temperature sensor and liquid level sensor, etc., can understand the status of each stage of saccharification, and improve the safety and convenience of brewing operation.

Bubbler device equipped in the side of fermenter,which plays the function of control the pressure in the FV tanks.


DEGONG 10HL beer brewhouse

List of main equipment
  • Mash/Lauter Tun, volume 1000l

  • Boiling/Whirlpool Tun, volume 1000l

  • Hot water tank, volume 1000l

  • 1000L fermentation tanks(Quantity according to your needs)

  • Heat exchangers 2 pcs, single‐circuit with aeration plugs

  • 1000L Glycol Tank

  • Stainless steel platform

  • Steam heating or electric heating

  • Malt crusher with capacity 350 kg/hour

  • 100L CIP system

  • Control unit, temperature monitoring, PLC with 19 “screen and second control unit with 17” screen


DEGONG 10HL beer fermentation tanks and CIP system

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