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10HL Automatic Copper Micro Brewery Equipment for Sale - Buy A Brewing System

In order to make the best beer, the craft brewery sold is the key. On the basis of absorbing Europe. With advanced and experienced beer machinery technology, our brewery can meet the sales technology, variable taste or specific capacity of various breweries.
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Product Description

10HL Automatic Copper Brewery

If the saccharification process of craft beer is controlled, it will have a good effect on improving the quality of craft beer and reducing costs.

The principle of saccharification

The beer production process is mainly composed of wort preparation, beer fermentation, beer canning and other technological processes, and the wort preparation process is commonly known as saccharification. The purpose of saccharification is to dissolve most of the malt content through physical and biochemical measures, that is to say, through boiling, controlling temperature and pH, etc., and playing the role of enzymes to achieve, and maintain the maximum yield and The least loss rate. The task of saccharification is to ensure that the composition of the wort is suitable for the propagation of yeast and smoothly fermented on an economic and reasonable basis.


10HL Copper wine making equipment

Process introduction

According to the process requirements, the quantitative malt is crushed and mixed with an appropriate amount of water to form a malt awakening liquid, and the awakening reaction is carried out according to a certain temperature curve. After the awakening reaction is completed, it is sent to the filter tank for filtration. After filtering, the wort is preheated and diluted to the specified original wort concentration by adding lees water to start boiling. The cooked hot wort is cooled to a specified temperature, and the wort preparation is completed.


Stainless steel fermentation and storage room

Saccharification method

Different raw materials, different saccharification methods, and a good beer should have good malt. However, due to different sources of barley, changes in barley varieties and quality, and unstable and incorrect malting operations, the brewed beer will vary.  Regardless of the beer type, strong color, or light color, regardless of the original wort concentration, regardless of the quality of the original quality, a saccharification method is used. Although it is convenient for the brewer to operate, it cannot obtain the required wort composition. No good beer can be brewed. The saccharification methods include: boiling saccharification method, leaching saccharification method, and dialdehyde saccharification method.


Saccharification process requirements

1. The useful ingredients in the raw materials are extracted to the maximum extent.

2. Useless or harmful ingredients in the raw materials are less soluble.

3. The quantity and ratio of the organic or inorganic components of the wort meet the requirements of beer variety, type and yeast growth and reproduction. When the quality of the raw materials is unstable, adjust according to the process principle to obtain a uniform quality of wheat as much as possible. Juice composition: In the case of similar raw materials, through different process control, different components of wort are made to brew different styles of beer.


500L copper wine making equipment

The taste of the brewed beer has a lot to do with saccharification. So when brewing beer, pay attention to the method of saccharification.


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