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10HL 1000L Craft Brewery 3 Vessels Brewhouse Steam Heating Beer Brewing Equipment

DEGONG equipment provides a full adjustment of the pubbrew and restbrew mini breweries and microbreweries with 1hl-10hl batch/day according to the costumer pub/restaurant location with turnkey solution. We provide a wide range of brewery accessories and brewery equipment making the brew process easy, energy saved and cheap. We also provide the complete solution for keg filling and washing machines for saving working space and minimizing lost of beer.
  • DG-10HL


Product Description

10HL Craft Brewery

  • 3 Vessels Combo Brewhouse of MT,LT,KT/WP

  • Steam Heating With Relative Steam Pipelines & fittings

  • 1 x PLC + Semi-Automation Control System For Brewhouse

  • 3 x Wort VFD Pumps Included For Per MT,LT &KT/WP

  • 1 x Triple Brew Length 304 SS HLT With Steam Jackets

  • 1 x Triple Brew Length 304 SS Cold Liquor Tank With Dual Glycol Jackets

  • 1 x 5 Vessels Stainless Steel Work Platform With Sanitary Process Piping & sanitary Valves

  • 3 x Sanitary Wort Pumps With Variable Speed Control

  • 1 x SS Wort Grant

  • 1 x Tube Heat Exchanger For Quick Wort Cool Down Before Whirlpool or Sour Bee

  • 1 x Two-stage Sanitary Heat Exchanger And Wort Aeration System

  • 1 x Water Flow Meter After Water Mixing Station For Cold And Hot Water

  • 5 x Tank Light Assemblies

  • 1 x Mash Hydration Assembly

  • 1 x Cellar Package With Brewers Hoses, Valves and Fittings

  • 1 x Upgrade Two Roll Malt Mill With Working Platform – 1000KG/hr

  • 1 x Grain Flexible Auger

  • 6 x Fermenters/uni-tanks – TWO TIMES Brew Length

  • 1 x Glycol Chiller

  • 1 x 3 vessels Portable Skid CIP, 304 SS & VFD Controller

  • 1 x Portable 500ml Wort Sample Cooling Dvice


DEGONG 10HL 3 vessels beer brewery equipment

Technical Description
  • All structures are made of SUS 304 food grade stainless steel and all pipes are made of SUS304

  • All signs and English words

  • All tanks come with data plate including test data and serial number

  • All tanks will be tested and inspected in the NDT room after construction and quality control inspections

  • All jackets will be tested using hydrostatic test, test pressure: 0.4Mpa (4 Bar) & working pressure: 0.2Mpa (2Bar)

  • All tanks will be pressure tested for 48 hours before leaving the DEGONG factory;

  • All welds are fully TIG welded with water jet to ensure uniform welds, fully pickled and passivated

  • All tanks are mirror polished to Ra 0.4um.


Contact us

The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.



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