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10BBL Copper Bright Saccharification Micro Brewery Beer Brewing Equipment

The Brewhouse system is widely used in brewpub, bars and restaurants to brew beer. The brewery system includes the following: malt tanks, filter tanks, kettles, whirlpool tanks, hop adding systems and pipelines.
Product Description

10BBL Copper Micro Brewery

The brewery can be combined in many ways

1. Two tanks: mash/filter tank, kettle/vortex tank

2. Three tanks: mash/filter tank, vortex, kettle; or mash, filter tank, kettle/vortex tank;

3. Four kinds of containers: saccharification barrel, filter tank, kettle, whirlpool tank

The brewery system has two heating methods

1. Electric heating

2. Steam heating


Winery system standard configuration
  • Available capacity from 1 to 60 BBL(HL)

  • The equipment adopts 100% Tig welding, and the surface is hygienic and polished

  • The inner shell is made of materials (SS316L material is optional)

  • The outer shell is made of copper (SS304 material is optional)

  • The platform material is SS304

  • The stirrer system is installed on the top (the bottom installation is optional)

  • Plate heat exchangers, wort pumps, flow meters, valves and pipes are all SS304 materials

  • PLC automatic control or semi-automatic control or manual control


500L copper brewing equipment

System list
Malt Milling System Mill machine Stainless steel/Carbon steel
Grist case Stainless steel
Flexible conveyor Stainless steel
Brewhouse System Mashtun -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
-Motor agitation
-Steam jackets/Electric elements
Lauter tun -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
-Rack system;
-False bottom filter
Kettle tun -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
-Steam jackets/Electric elements
Whirlpool tun -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
-Side tangent whirlpool inlet
Hot water tank -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
-Steam jackets/Electric elements
Accessories -Mash pump;;Heat exchange plate;Hop back system; Brewhouse Pipes;
Fermentation System Fermentation tank -Pressure:3Bar;
-Inner:3mm;outer:2mm;with insulation;
-Cooling jackets;
Accessories Yeast Saving Tank;
Cooling System Glycol water tank -Inner:3mm;outer:2mm
Accessories Chiller; Glycol water pump; Pipes & Valves;
CIP System Acid tank Pump; Pipes & Valves
Caustic tank
Accessories of the CIP System
Control System -Automatic/Semi-auto
Filtering System Candle type diatomite filter/Membrane filter/Bag filter
Bright beer tank Double-layer with insulation;
Filling System Glass bottle line -Capacity:800-1200 BPH
-Washing heads:8;Filling heads:8;Capping heads:3
Capacity:1500-2000 BPH
-Washing heads:16;Filling heads:16;Capping heads:6
Canning line Capacity:1000-1500 CPH
-Filling heads:12;Capping heads:1
Keg system Keg filling machine;Keg washing machine;Keg washing and filling unity machine;


Copper distillation equipment


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