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10BBL Beer Conical Fermentation Tanks Brewery Stainless Steel Storage Tanks for Sale

Fermenters vary in capacity from 1 barrel to 100 barrels, with an average headspace of 25%. All tanks have a dished top, cylinder and 60/70° tapered bottom. All tanks are made of certified stainless steel with 100% TIG welded joints and seams, and the interior is polished and hygienic.
  • DG-10BBL


Product Description

10BBL Conical Fermentation Tanks

Standard features
  • Dual zone pit cooling jackets (three or more on large tanks)

  • Inner case: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm / 11 gauge

  • Cooling jacket: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm / 14 gauge

  • Housing: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm / 14 gauge

  • 2” polyurethane insulation

  • Internal surface finish pickling and passivation

  • Brushed exterior, #4 finish

  • 580x480mm side manhole, shadowless

  • Dry hop entry at the top;

  • Accessories:

        Sampling valve x1;

        Pressure relief/vacuum valve x1;

        temperature. sensor/thermometer x1;

        Swivel rocker arm with butterfly valve x1;

        Bottom outlet with butterfly valve x1;

        Spray ball with down tube x1;

        Stainless steel tube legs x4 with adjustable foot pads;


Capacity Cylinder(ODxH) OAH Inner Thickness
7BBL 1000 x 1250mm 2530mm 3mm
10BBL 1150 x 1250mm 2670mm 3mm
15BBL 1250 x 1680mm 3250mm 3mm
20BBL 1400 x 1700mm 3400mm 3mm
30BBL 1650 x 1850mm 3740mm 3mm
40BBL 1750 x 2050mm 4040mm 3mm
50BBL 1750 x 2750mm 4770mm 3mm
60BBL 1150 x 1250mm 2670mm 3mm
80BBL 2100 x 2900mm 5300mm 3mm
100BBL 2200 x 3350mm 5850mm 3mm


DEGONG 100BBL fermentation tank

  • The fermentation tank is equipped with lifting ears, which is convenient for the equipment to be hoisted in place.

  • All tanks are equipped with adjustment bolts to ensure tank alignment and level.

  • The beer conveying is equipped with a rotating elbow and a pressure rod, which is convenient and flexible for conveying beer.

  • The clip is installed at the connection between the material opening and the bottom of the tank, and can be rotated at will, which is convenient for customers to operate.

  • The top of the cone and the bottom of the cylinder are designed with cooling jackets, and the cooling area is large enough.

  • The use of shadowless manholes is easy to clean. The top manhole can be designed according to the customer's fermentation process and brewing beer.

  • Equipped with safety device, positive and negative pressure opening function.

  • 60-degree cone angle, convenient for yeast excretion.

  • The headspace is large, and the total volume does not include the head volume.

  • The fermentation tank is equipped with a special ladder, which is easy to operate.

  • The working platform adopts a water-leakage and anti-skid design.

  • Brewery manholes always use full glass manholes.

  • The bright bottom of the tank is outsourced to the finished product to ensure that the tank has a beautiful appearance and is sturdy and durable.

  • An elliptical guard plate is added at the connection between the outrigger and the refrigerant inlet pipe of the lower cone and the outer casing of the lower cone to ensure more precise machining accuracy.


DEGONG complete micro brewery equipment

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