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100L CIP System Micro Brewery Cleaning Unit Cleaning in Place System

It doesn’t matter if you brew beer at home or as a craft or commercial beer company, your reputation stands on the line every time someone drinks your product. The best and easiest way to ensure your beer is delicious and drinkable, you have to have a thorough, systematic, and consistent cleaning routine in place. Cleaning in place or CIP is when a systematic process of cleaning your professional brewing equipment occurs with the need to disassemble your setup. CIP has huge benefits over manual cleaning methods (although traditional manual cleaning is fine for homebrew setups).
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Product Description

100L CIP System

Cleaning brewery equipment eliminates the possibility of human error or neglect. It has become the brewery industry-standard practice because not only does it save on intensive labour and the potential to be exposed to excoriating chemicals, but it also saves on the cost of chemicals.

When used correctly, CIP cleaning agents reduce the surface tension of water which makes it easier for cleaning solutions to penetrate every surface. Even without the recommended chemical additives, a CIP system still achieves a reasonable level production safety and cleanliness due to the amount of time, the action of the equipment, and the temperature.

DEGONG CIP system uses holding tanks to store the cleaning chemicals. When needed, the CIP can manually or automatically pump out the chemicals from the storage tanks straight into the tanks that require cleaning.



A spray ball is a device used to coat the tank interior with cleaning chemicals. When the job is completed, the chemicals are pumped out back into the storage tank for reuse. This cycle can be repeated several times before the need for new chemicals arises. Water is then sprayed into the tank interior for thorough rinsing.

DEGONG team place such emphasis on the smooth finish of tank interiors and welds is because this guarantees there is no place for soil to embed itself or hide from the CIP spray ball. After Cleaning-in-Place, your brewery setup is ready for another batch of delicious beer to be made.

DEGONG Portable CIP is a small, movable CIP Skid. It is the perfect size for use in a brewpub or microbrewery. Our CIP setup usually consists of two tanks: one hot liquor tank and one caustic tank, and a pump and bottom base frame assembly with wheels. The DEGONG portable CIP is convenient and easy to operate and highly adaptable to custom setups.

If you require a different CIP system, please contact our customer service to discuss your needs.


DEGONG 5BBL Brewhouse Supporting CIP System

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