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1000L Stainless Steel Storage Transport IBC Tanks for Chemical Packing And Transport

Stainless steel tote tanks can be used for virtually any industrial treatment application; from wastewater processes to chemical storage. They are an efficient means of transporting liquids to remote locations such as construction and agriculture sites, or for moving hazardous materials.
  • DG-1000L


Product Description

1000L Transport IBC Tanks

Technical Specification
Tank Type 1000L Transport IBC Tanks
Dimention L x W x H  1150*1150*1135mm
Capacity 1000 Litres
Tare Weight(est.) 170 kg
Max. Gross Weight (kg) 2770 kg
Manhole Diameter (mm) 450
Fork Height (mm) 78
Working Pressure 0.2 bar
Test Pressure 0.2 bar
Tank Material SS 304
Norminal Thickness Shell, 2.28 mm
Stacking Three high when empty, two high when full loading


Features and Performance
  • EPDM/PTFE/silicone rubber gaskets are available

  • Material: Ss304/ss316l

  • Capacity: 100L-2000L

  • Single seam welding

  • OEM or ODM acceptable

  • Delivery time: 4 weeks, based on order quantity within 150 pieces.

  • We are more than 10 years manufacturing experience

  • Follow ISO9001 Quality Control

  • Specially designed for production lines in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Matching with various standard functional parts

  • Applicable to liquid dangerous goods of UN group 5.2 with density less than or equal to 0.8


Advantages of Stainless Steel Transport IBC Tanks
  • Durability

There is simply no comparison to stainless steel for strength and long-term service. The material will last for decades with virtually no regular maintenance.

  • Corrosion-resistance

Stainless steel tanks resist water treatment chemicals and can easily tolerate abrasive wash-down solvents. They will never rust, even when stored outside in the elements.

  • Temperature tolerance

Stainless steel tanks are not impacted by excessive temperatures or UV exposure. They maintain their shape, and are easy to fill and empty in all weather environments.

  • Value

For overall lifetime service cost, there is no better tank choice than stainless steel. Stainless tanks are easily fabricated, maintenance free, and maintain their integrity over the long haul. They are available for rent or purchase to help you meet budget goals.

  • Recyclable

Stainless is also the eco-friendly tank choice. Unlike plastics, stainless materials can be reclaimed 100% to help you reduce your environmental impact.


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The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.



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