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1000L Red Copper Craft Brewery Micro Hotel/ Bar/ Pub Equipment for Sale

1000L copper beer brewing equipment is the best-selling system, suitable for families, hotels, barbecues, restaurants, bars, breweries and other dining and entertainment. The turnkey system includes crushing system, mash system, fermentation system, cleaning system, cooling system and control system, etc. We can also provide you with filter system and bottle/barrel filling line according to your requirements.
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Product Description

1000L Red Copper Craft Brewery

Fermentation tank maintenance strategy

Fermentation tank is a kind of brewery equipment that is used throughout the development process and can produce microbial metabolites on a large scale. This is a sterilized airtight container that can solve the ideal problem of the sustainable development of yeast social oxidation.

From the simplest home-style development configuration to the largest commercial brewery, the fermentation tank (sometimes leading to the fermentation tank), also known as FV, is one of the most important parts of the brewery. Some people might say that it is where all the magic happens. This is because the wort mixture is kept in the fermentation vessel when it is fermented into beer.

Please allow us to introduce you to the proper handling and maintenance required for any type of fermentation vessel. If you follow our simple implementation guidelines, your FV will certainly not only last a long time, but will also create extraordinary beer time and time again.


1000L Red Copper Craft Brewery

What is the best way to organize the fermentation container manually?

When cleaning the fermentation container, use a soft brush to scrub the surface area. You must never use a stiff brush to scratch the outside and inside of the fermentation container. It is very important not to damage the container components in contact with the wort.

How often should I check the fermentation container tools?

At least every year, all instruments supporting FV need to be inspected and adjusted.

How can I effectively clean the electric burner of the fermenter?

All electrical equipment, tools, and sensing units should be cleaned and subjected to additional processing. If the solids sticking to the household electric heating components are not completely cleaned, they may burn during the entire subsequent development process. This may produce an undesirable burnt smell, which can appear in your beer range.


Customized copper or stainless steel fermentation tank

One aspect of FV can be quickly got rid of, and then it can be cleaned up without damaging the rest of the electronic equipment. By using a copper scrubbing brush, the stronger stainless steel will not be harmed.

Never let water or steam directly enter the direct calls of digital tools and sensing devices, as this will cause condensation in the electrical space.

How do I clean the fermenter after using the fermenter to make the beer set?

  • One of the most useful functions of FV is the boiling temperature level that the wort reaches in the container, which aids in sanitary procedures. The heat of the boiled wort can indeed sterilize the fermenter, so there is no need to clean it with chemicals.

  • After using FV, you only need to clean up the beer effectively with water after it is poured, and then use a soft fabric to clean it. Need to remove and clean the closing device, need to wipe all aspects, and then your FV is ready to choose your following beer set.

  • Always remember to clean the new fermentation tank

  • Thorough cleaning of the container includes removing the outer layer. Once thoroughly cleaned, you can also use the container to supply spray water throughout the mashing process.

  • When cleaning the fermentation tank, use a soft brush to scrub the surface area. It is extremely important not to damage the container components directly related to the wort.


Copper distillation equipment

If you really bought the DEGONG series FV, you need to do a deep sorting before you can use it. Thoroughly clean the container including removing the coating. Once the deep finishing is full, you can also use the container to provide water spray during the entire mashing process.


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