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1000L Multiple Use Liquid Washing Homogenizer Mixer

Stainless steel mixing tanks are widely used in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and processing industries. They are used as mixing tanks, buffer tanks and storage tanks, and can be cleaned and meet hygienic standards.
  • DEGONG-1000L
Product Description

1000L Liquid Washing Homogenizer

Product specifications

Specification Volume(L) Blending power(kw) Blending rotation speed(r/min) Homogenizing power(kw) Homogenizing rotation speed(r/min) Heating way
DG-200 200 1.5 0~65 3 3000 Steam or alectric
DG-500 500 2.2 0~65 4 3000
DG-1000 1000 2.2-4 0~65 7.5 3000
DG-1500 1500 4-5.5 0~65 11 3000
DG-2000 2000 5.5 0~53 11 3000
DG-3000 3000


0~53 15 1500
DG-5000 5000 11 0~53 22 1500

Note:  In case of inconformity of the data in the form due to the technical improvemnt or customization, the real object shall prevail.

Performance & Features

  • The wall scraping mixer adopts frequency converter to adjust the mixing speed, and can produce various products according to customer requirements.

  • The diversified high-speed homogenizer can strongly mix solid-liquid products and dissolve AES, AESA, LSA and other materials, saving energy and shortening production time.

  • The pot body is welded by three layers of imported stainless steel, and the whole machine and pipes are all mirror polished, which is absolutely in line with GMP standards.

  • Depending on the processing technology, the main pot can be heated and cooled, steam heated or electrically heated, and discharged from the bottom by a homogenizer or transfer pump.

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  • SUS304 and SUS 316L optional

  • Single layer / double layer (heating or cooling) / triple layer (insulation)

  • Mirror/matte polished inside and outside


Widely used in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and processing industries

Packaging and shipping

Size depends on device
Weight depends on equipment
Packing details Packed according to customer's special requirements.

Our advantage

  • Professional manufacturing factory

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  • Flexible payment methods.

  • Good quality and service control system, produced by skilled workers

  • Timely and effective delivery

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