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1000L Microbrewery in America Beer Making Equipment Complete Beer Production Line

Based on the 11 years of sales and market experience, 1000L brewery equipment is the most popular products with its reasonable investment and high return. It is widely used in bar, restaurant and microbrewery business, it combines the advantages of “taproom in front and brewery factory in the back” to create an urban dining and leisure destination that combines local food experience and craft beer products.
Heating mehod:
  • DG-1000L


Product Description

1000L Beer Making Equipment

Equipment Configuration Standards
  • 500kgs/h malt miller

  • 2 Vessel combined with Mash/Lauter tank & Kettle/Whirlpool tank, mash in the lauter tank, for electric heating, adding hot water to raise the temperature; For steam heating, directly heating in the lauter tank with steam jacket.

  • Doubled sized 2000L HLT, 2000L CLT

  • 4×1000L frmenter or 2×2000L fermenter, 2×1000L bright tank

  • 10HP Glycol packed chiller with reservoir inside

  • PID/PLC control panel

  • 100L Clean in Place cleaning system

  • Combined keg filler&washer


DEGONG 2 Vessel brewhouse 

Equipment Design Standards

Mash Tun and Lauter Tun

The design of mash tun and lauter tun not only consider the heating up of mashing, but also the lauter speed. It is convenient to clean and remove grains out, avoid the trouble of material clogging the pipeline, reduce labor intensity and improve brewing efficiency.

  • Lauter tun design with steam heating jacket, which can realize multi-stage temperature raising automatically, with the rotation of the rake, the grains can be evenly heated.

  • Milled false bottom with a gap of 0.7mm, fast and efficient lautering speed, with bolts on the bottom for easy disassembly and cleaning.

  • Multi-directional wort collection and CIP backflush head design to make wort filtration and collection faster, and CIP cleaning more labor-saving.

  • Rake designed with reverse rotation, speed adjustable.


Steam jackets on both side and bottom of the kettle, with separated steam inlet and outlet and controlled separately, the boiling intensity is adjustable and controllable.

The steam generated by the boiling kettle can be selected in two ways, indoor with steam condenser or outdoor with chimney, and the condensed water can be discharged separately.

Hanging type single stage heat exchanger with hot water return to HLT for recirculation, can be disassembled for cleaning.

Hops inline filter installed after whirlpool and before heat exchanger to filter the hops before going into fermenter.


DEGONG 1000L fermentation tank

Classic Brewery Design

The overall design style can be both light and flexible, industrial style and modern architectural style. Create high-quality outdoor craft beer restaurants, bars and other leisure spaces, forming an unified whole with the brewery building. Focusing on the creation of public space and spiritual places, and giving full play to the Internet sales mechanism.

  • Application

It is not only suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized breweries, but also a good choice for bars and restaurants. Reasonable investment and fast payback.

  • Customization

Brewhouse can be designed according to brewing process, types of beer to be produced, saccharification method, feeding amount and process requirements.


DEGONG 1000L microbrewery

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