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1000L/H Water Softening Equipment From DEGONG

In the process of softening water, water softening equipment cannot reduce the total salt content in the water. It is widely used in hot water boiler systems, heat exchange systems, industrial cooling systems, central air conditioning systems and other water equipment systems.
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Product Description

1000L/H Water Softening Equipment


The main working principle of softened water equipment is to use anions and cations to soften. Let the raw water pass through an anion-cation converter to remove calcium, magnesium, and sodium ions in the water. The water that comes out is just water molecules. Without other molecules, then scale can be effectively prevented.

In the case of deep well water or high hardness of the water source, the function of using softened water equipment is to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. If there is no water softener or the water softener fails, the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane will rise sharply and form insoluble precipitates, which will block the pores of the reverse osmosis membrane, shorten the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane and increase equipment Maintenance costs.


Equipment working requirements

Inlet pressure: 0.2-.04MPa

Working temperature: 1-55℃, raw water hardness ≤6mmol/L

Operation mode: automatic/manual, water hardness ≤0.03mmol/L

Regeneration agent: Nacl industrial salt, regeneration method: countercurrent/downstream

Exchanger: 001*7 strong acid ion exchange resin

Control method: time/flow Working power supply: 220V/50HZ


Work process

The working process of the water softener is generally composed of the following steps: backwashing, salt absorption (regeneration), slow flushing (replacement), and fast flushing. All processes of different softened water equipment are very similar, but due to the actual process or the need for control, there may be some additional processes.


A. Run (work)

Under a certain pressure (0.2-0.6Mpa) and flow rate, the raw water enters the container (resin tank) containing ion exchange resin through the valve cavity of the controller. The Na+ contained in the resin and the cations in the water (Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+) ... etc.) to exchange, make the Ca2+, Mg2+ ion content of the water out of the container meet the established requirements, and realize the softening of hard water.

B. Backwash

After the resin has expired, it is backwashed with water from the bottom up before regeneration. There are two purposes of backwashing. One is to loosen the compressed resin layer during operation by backwashing, which is conducive to the full contact of resin particles with the regenerating solution; the other is to make the suspended solids and broken resin accumulated on the surface of the resin follow the backwash water. Discharge, so that the water flow resistance of the exchanger will not become larger and larger.

C. Regenerative salt absorption

The salt solution for regeneration flows through the failed resin layer at a certain concentration and flow rate to restore the original exchange capacity.

D. Replacement (slow cleaning)

After the regeneration liquid has been fed, there is still salt solution in the exchanger that has not participated in the regeneration exchange, and clean water less than or equal to the flow rate of the regeneration solution (slow cleaning) to make full use of the regeneration effect of the salt solution and reduce the positive washing load.

E. Washing (quick washing)

The purpose is to remove the regenerated waste liquid remaining in the resin layer, usually at a normal flow rate until the effluent is qualified.

F. Water injection into the regenerant tank

Fill the regenerant tank with the amount of salt water required for the solution to regenerate once.


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