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1000L Craft Beer Brewing Equipment Turnkey Brewery Complete Brewhouse System

Our brewhouses come in 2, 3, or 4 vessel configurations and in 50L to 5000L sizes to fit your production needs. Includes customizable levels of automation, wort chiller, wort grant, wort aeration with sterile filter, centrifugal pumps, work platform and process piping.
  • DG-1000L
Product Description

1000L Brewhouse System

NO. Name Configuration
1 Malt milling system Malt miller machine

Grist case

Flex auger

2 Mashing system Mash / lauter tank
Boiling / whirlpool tank
Hot water tank
Mash/wort/hot water pump Motors
Wort oxygenation device
Operation platform
Plate heat exchanger
3 Fermentation system Beer fermentation tanks
Bright beer tanks
Yeast adding tank
Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and so on
4 Cooling system Ice water tank

Cold water tank (Optional)
Refrigerating unit
Ice water pump

5 CIP system Disinfection tank & alkali tank &cleaning pump etc.
6 Controller system PLC automatic and semi-automatic, the elements brand include MCGS, Siemens and so on.


  • Milled false bottom is 4mm with a net open ratio of 15%.

  • Flush nozzles allow easy washing of the false bottom.

  • Vapor condensing stack device with micro-sprayers eliminates the need for a stack vent and fan set.

  • Convenient access hatch for grain out.

  • Grain plough discharges spent grain from Mash Lauter Tun with a detachable chute.

  • Reversible modulating-speed heavy duty motor and gearbox make grain out easy and efficient.

  • good wear-resistant material

    Inner-jacket (SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm

    Outer-jacket thickness: 2.0mm

    Thickness of sealing head: 3.0mm

  • High quality insulation effect

    Polyurethane thickness: 80mm

  • Beautiful welding and polishing techniques

    Full argon shielded welding. The polishing accuracy can reach Ra0.6µm.

  • Strong technical support

    Provide drawings of each tank and draw the layout of the entire project according to the customer's workshop

  • Electronic components of the world's top brands

    For example, we use Siemens PLC and touch screen, circuit breaker Schneider button, Airtac solenoid valve and other pneumatic components, etc.


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The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.



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