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1000L Conical Insulated Food Grade Standard SUS304/316 Isobaric Dimple Jacket Beer Fermenation Unitank

Fermentation is the next step in the brewing process after the wort has been prepared.Fermentation tanks hold the wort while yeast converts to sugar in the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide. These tanks should have a cone-shaped bottom, which facilities the process of recovering the yeast for later use.
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Product Description

Fermentation is the process of producing alcohol and carbon dioxide by anaerobic respiration of yeast. This is the real "beer-making" stage. Yeast fermentation requires a process of aerobic respiration first and then anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration yeast multiplies in large numbers to provide more yeast for anaerobic respiration later. Anaerobic respiration produces the final alcohol and carbon dioxide after oxygen is used up.

The fermentation process takes place in a beer fermentation tank.

beer fermentation tank


Beer fermentation tank introduction

We offers a wide array of fermenters(fermentation) and brite tanks(maturation) tanks that are designed accordingly to our customers’ specifications and their needs. Our fermenter and brite tanks come in three different generalized builds (customizable tanks are also available): single wall, un-jacketed and jacketed. All of our tanks can be pressurized (unless otherwise requested) and the fermenters have an added bonus of functioning as both a fermenter and BBT tank.

beer fermenter

beer fermenter

beer bright tank

beer bright tank

The FV’s are all 304 SS TIG weld construction and polished to a sanitary interior finish.The fermentation tank is equipped with top dome head/hops adding port/dimple plate jacketed/CIP spraying ball/sampling valve/liquid level meter/beer outlet and sewage outlet/water-sealed mechanical regulating valve/pressure gauge/carbonation stone and other supporting valves. With polyurethane insulation to ensure that the fermenting temperature is kept at a low. Equipped with PT100 temperature sensor, with PLC auto-control system.

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