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1000L Automatic Red Copper Brewing Container Beer Brewing Equipment for Sale

1000L beer equipment is widely used in breweries, restaurants, etc. It can be used to brew light beer, amber beer, dark beer, malt wine, etc. with different raw materials at the appropriate temperature. DEGONG can produce stainless steel or copper brewery according to customer requirements.
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Product Description

1000L Automatic Brewing Container


1000L copper brewing equipment

OFT Open fermentation tank

The open fermentation tank open fermentation technology in the special fermentation chamber is mainly used to produce bottom-fermented beer. The structure of the open fermentation tank makes it particularly convenient to collect foam from dead yeast in the final stage of primary fermentation, which is a prerequisite for making high-quality bottom-fermented beer with traditional taste. This type of fermentation tank is mainly used in Czech craft breweries.

Open technology is not suitable for the production of upper-layer fermented beer, because air entering the active yeast on the surface of the fermented wort often causes harmful organisms to be polluted. This type of beer fermentation tank is recommended for the production of Czech beer Pilsner and other types of beer, such as Dortmunder, Beck, and Marzen.


FUIC Compact beer fermentation device

The pressure cylindrical conical tank for the secondary fermentation of beer/cider is built into the compact module:

Compact fermentation unit-compact independent mobile equipment with up to 4 cylindrical tanks, including all the equipment needed for beer or cider primary fermentation, pressure maturation and carbonation process, filling carbonated beverages into kegs Or bottle.

The compact fermentation unit consists of the following main components:

  • 1 to 4 pieces CCT/CCF fermentation tank-stainless steel tank with PUR insulation material, cooled with water or polypropylene glycol solution

  • 1-4 compact water cooling devices

  • Elements for measuring and controlling temperature and circulating coolant through the cooling jacket of the tank

  • Connection element between cooler and fermentation tank

  • Ordinary stainless steel frame, adjustable legs, optional wheels to move


CCT/CCF Cylindrical Conical Fermentation Tank

Pressure cylindrical conical tank for the secondary fermentation of beer/cider:

The technology of beer fermentation in a closed conical fermentor is a feature of modern beer production methods.

It is especially safe to produce top-fermented beer, but it can also be used to produce all bottom-fermented beer based on yeast.

The advantage of these fermentation tanks is that both stages of beer fermentation can be carried out in the same tank. The fermentation and maturation of beer in the CCT fermentor under pressure not only speeds up the fermentation process, but also allows the management of the entire machine fermentation and maturation process without the need to pump beer between two containers. Compared with the open fermentation tank, the only disadvantage is that the foam with dead yeast cannot be collected after the initial fermentation.

We manufacture cylindrical conical fermentation tanks without insulation layer or polyurethane insulation layer, equipped with two or more cooling zones, cooled by water or polypropylene glycol. They can be used only for main fermentation, or for main fermentation and subsequent maturation of beer in the same tank.

CCT fermentation tank equipment can be defined by the customer, or you can purchase tanks with our standard recommended accessories.


MBT Cylindrical Fermentation Tank

There are four variants of pressure tanks for the secondary fermentation of beer/cider:

MBTVI-mature tank vertical, insulated, liquid-cooled

MBTVN-Vertical mature tank, non-insulated, air-cooled

MBTHI-Horizontal, insulated, liquid-cooled curing tank

MBTHN-Horizontal curing tank, non-insulated, air-cooled

The primary beer fermentation process follows the secondary process in which beer matures in a maturation tank (also called a storage tank). In this production stage, the beer matures and is full of carbon dioxide, which is formed by the remaining yeast activity. In this way, the beer gets its final taste. We produce four types of curing tanks-insulated, liquid-cooled or non-insulated, air-cooled. We provide a pressure beer maturation vessel with a fermentation device, which can adjust the pressure in the tank to 3.0bar.


CCTM Modular Cylindrical Conical Fermentation Tank

Modular Cylindrical Conical Fermentation Tanks-CCTM is a versatile product in our own production portfolio, allowing you to assemble the fermentation tanks in any configuration currently required to produce beer/cider/wine.

The configuration of the fermentation tank can be changed at any time, even when the tank is pressurized and just filled with beverage during the fermentation process, it can be fully operated. It is impossible to achieve this with other types of fermentation tanks. This possibility can save you costs because you only need a few general-purpose cans for more stages of the beverage production process.


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