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1000L 264Gallon Copper Gin Vodka Alcohol Distillation Equipment for Sale - DEGONG

The distillation equipment is multi-functional and can be used to distill vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum and other distilled spirits. The process is to brew the wort first, then distill it in a static pot with a transfer pump, and then cool it to obtain a high-alcohol solution.
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Product Description

1000L 264Gallon Copper Distillery

How spirits are distilled

Two basic types of distiller:

  • Column distiller

The column distiller is more industrial in nature and is used for large-scale production of alcohol. They are said to provide purer, lighter spirits.

  • Pot distiller

The pot distiller is more traditional and is known for producing spirits with stronger body and flavor.

The following is how to distill spirits in a distillation tank.

  • At this point, the fermented wine called "lotion" or "mash" is transferred to the pot.

  • It will be heated to a low temperature, possibly between 175 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The purpose of heating is to evaporate only alcohol. When condensation occurs, the alcohol-rich vapor rises above the surface of the liquid and is sucked into a tube called a "Lane arm" or "swan neck", which is connected to the condenser and immersed in water To keep it cool.

  • The process condensed the steam into a liquid, and the alcohol concentration is now significantly higher.

  • The distilled wine will flow out of the distiller and be collected.


The role of copper

The pot still is made of copper. Column stills are sometimes made of copper, sometimes stainless steel, and sometimes mixtures. You may find an all stainless steel still with copper in it. Copper removes most of the sulfur from the distillate. Sulfur is naturally produced during the fermentation process. It imparts a sour taste to spirits, so it is best to remove it.

Sulfur reacts with copper to form copper sulfate, which is separated from the distillate to remove the sulfur odor from the final product.


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