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1000 Liters / 2000 Liters Per Day Beer Brewing System Microbrewery Equipment for Sale

1000 liters beer brewing system is the best investment project for beer lovers. With the goal of pursuing zero-defect quality, we strive to provide customers with cost-effective and high-grade micro-beer brewing equipment, beer filling systems, and craft beer equipment. We insist on implementing product innovation, technology innovation and management innovation. We adhere to the quality policy of "high standards, zero defects, focus on details, and create a win-win situation", and wholeheartedly provide our customers with cost-effective products. In the future, we will continue to provide the most competitive prices with the most professional and high-quality services.
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Product Description

1000 Liters Beer Brewing System

1000 Liters Brewhouse

Generall 1000 Liters 3-vessel brewhouse include mash tank, lauter tank, kettle+whirlpool Tank and other accessories. It is optional and customized for clients' requests. Here are some details of brewhouse.

  • In Mash Tank

The water in mashing tank is constantly heating up, and when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, we can add the malt of crushing to mash tank. Temperature is generally above 50 degrees.

After adding to mash tank, the temperature in tank is constantly rising through heating, and the malt is constantly broken down by enzymes in water. Meanwhile, the agitator is constantly stirring.

The mashing time in the mash tank is about 2 to 2.5 hours.

  • In Lauter Tank

It is mainly the process of separating wheat grains from wort.

When the malt is fully decomposed in the sacing pot, the decomposed material enters the water and mixes with the water. At this time, the material produced is the mash.

When the malt is broken down by enzymes in mashing tun, it is the mixture of water and malt by crushing malt.

Single mash tun and single lauter tun:

Adding water in lauter tun and let water higher 20~30mm than false bottom. Then, put mixture

Is pumped from mash tun to lauter tun through a pump.At the same time, open raker.

In a tank for mash and lauter:

The wort from the bottom of the tank is continuously pumped and filtered into the tank through a pump until seeing clear wort by sight glass . Then the wort is led into the kettle tun.

  • In Kettle/Whirlpool Tank


Before the wort goes from lauter tun to kettle tun, it passes through the balanced tank firstly.

The balanced tank can balance the pressure between lauter tun and kettle tun.

Preheat it before the progress of kettle. When all the wort enter into kettle tank after boiling 5 to 10 minutes. The whole progress of Kettle is about 1 to 1.5 hours in kettle tank.


The wort is pumped from kettle tun to whirlpool tun through Tangential whirlpool inlet located at one third of the pot. The wort rotates along the wall of the tun to precipitate the protein hot coagulants in the wort, in order to get clearer wort.



DEGONG 1000 liters brewhouse

1000 Liters Fermenters

As the temperature rises during the fermentation process, the glycol water, supplied by the glycol water tank, can cool the fermentation tank and keep the fermentation temperature between 9 and 18 degrees(depends on craft beer).

During fermenting process, fermenters, BBT, glycol cooling tank/pump, chiler, cold water tank/pump, controller need to be waorked together.


DEGONG 1000 liters fermentation tanks

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