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10 BBL Beer Brewhouse with 20 BBL Fermenters Complete Brewery Configuration

The 10 BBL brewhouse is most customized as the basic request on beer brewing from client and the existing building. The brewhouse efficiency range from 2-8 brews based on different preferred configuration.
The design and fabrication are both following what is more suitable for local requests, to make sure client has less extra cost on other issues when running the brewery. We make operating the system for brewing easier and more efficient the priority, meanwhile we try our best to lower the cost of materials and save energy, to help all clients all over the world find the best balance between investment and income.
  • DG-10BB


Product Description

10 BBL Beer Brewhouse

10BBL Brewhouse Specification
  • Effective volume: 10BBL

  • Total volume: 12.5BBL

  • Size: 1460*2600mm

  • Material: SUS304/SUS316/red Copper

  • Heating method: Electric/steam heating

  • Control system: PLC Simens or PID Schneider/ABB brand

  • Heating area: 2.7㎡

  • Power: 15-70 Kw depends on the size

  • Voltage: 3 phase/380(220, 415,480…)v/50(60)Hz;Single Phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz

  • Brewing batch: 6-12 brew/week

  • Work pressure: inner jacket 0.4MPa;cooling jacket 0.5Mpa

  • Design pressure: inner jacket 0.2MPa;cooling jacket 0.3Mpa

Note: 1 hl=100liter; 1 Gallon=3.7854 liter; 1 Barrel(BBL) =117Liter


10 BBL Brewhouse Features
  • Higher wort wort extract

  • Lower energy cost and material consumption

  • Well adjusted temp and water blending unit for better grain and water mixing

  • Special designed steam jacket unit to increase steam using efficiency

  • Special tank and piping construction to avoid the wort aeration problem and decrease the material lost

  • Possible to make boiling process under pressure, especially for brewery at higher altitudes.

  • Special designed steam condensing unit, with both steam condensing and water heating function

  • Cooling unit for current use and well prepared for future expanding


20 BBL Fermenter
  • 304 SS TIG weld construction

  • #4 sanitary brite polish SS exterior finish

  • Operating pressure rated at 29psi (tested to 36 psi)

  • Reinforced stainless steel legs with adjustable height for leveling

  • 4 pieces stainless steel 304 support leg with screw connecting adjustable feet

  • Side and bottom cooling jackets

  • 2mm thickness dimple plate SUS 304 cooling jacket, Jacket pressure testing with 30 Psi standard

  • Tri-clover sanitary fittings

  • Mechanical sampling valve, without female thread, hygienic and sterile

  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve

  • Temperature gauge port

  • Side man way door

  • CIP arm and rotating spray ball 360° of coverage

  • Gas arm with pressure gauge

  • Lifting Lugs

  • Ladder hooks

  • Butterfly valves included

  • Hops adding port

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