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1.5 HP Air Direct Drive IBC Tote Mixer with Bracket Mount

Pneumatic mixer is used to mix, disperse and dissolve materials of various viscosities. The serrated disc rotates very fast with the shaft, and exerts strong shearing, impact and crushing forces, so that the materials are quickly mixed, dispersed and ground.
  • 1.5 HP IBC Tote Mixer


Product Description

1.5 HP IBC Tote Mixer

  • Motor Type :  Pneumatic

  • Motor Horsepower : 1.5 HP

  • Motor Torque Output : 20 ft.lb

  • Mixer speed : 0-720 RPM( speed adjustable)

  • Air Motor requirement : 80 psi compress air

  • Impeller Shaft: stainless steel 304, 3/4″ OD, 34″ long

  • Impeller Type : Folded

  • Impeller Material : Stainless Steel 304

  • Impeller Size : 16″

  • Bracket Mount 40-42″ wide, will fit 275 gallon, 330 gallon IBC

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  • Host equipped with explosion-proof motor; Security, explosion-proof, good quality, powerful drive and stable operation, long service life.

  • Connecting rod, mixing blades adopt authentic SUS304 stainless steel polishing material handling; Never rust

  • Connecting rod and the blade adopts screw fixation; Changing a easy; Simple; Quick and convenient

  • Using compressed air as the power, do not produce sparks, explosion-proof, safe and reliable

  • Long time running do not produce electrostatic, spark, no fever

  • No period of speed adjustable speed; Positive &negative operation can be realized

  • Pneumatic freely, and effort; The reduction of labor intensity

  • Equipped with four wheels; Mobile convenience; Relaxed freedom; Another has brake assembly; Homework can be fixed does not move

  • Optional electronic tachometer, charging power supply, no need to change the battery.

Packaging and shipping

  • Wrapped in plastic film, then packed in wooden boxes

  • If the order quantity is not very large, we can send them to you by courier

  • If the order is large, we will recommend that you use air or sea freight through a designated freight forwarder. We also have long-term cooperation agents.

Our advantage

  • Professional manufacturing factory

  • Good quality and service control system, produced by skilled workers

  • Design and develop hose assemblies according to customer requirements

  • Timely and effective delivery

  • Flexible payment methods.

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.


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