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The Function of Wort Grant For Brewhouse

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Wort grant, many brewers learned it at brewery. DEGONG beer equipment has upgraded it from stainless steel vessel to a glass vessel. As you know, glass is easy to check it. A Wort Grant is a small wort collection vessel, open to the air, placed between the lautering vessel and the wort kettle, small vessel big function for brewhouse system!

Why do we need wort grant?

It is easy to pull wort from the lauter tun faster than the grain bed wants it to flow, when using a pump to move wort from the lauter tun to the kettle. It will compact grain bed and cause a stuck runoff. Aside from being a large pain, the stuck runoff can also damage the wort pump because magnetically coupled pumps can be damaged if run dry.

It has 3 functions:

  • To avoid a potential vacuum in the lauter or mash/lauter tun during wort pumping for recirculation or filling the kettle;

  • To allow the brewer to assess wort clarity and wort flow;

  • In larger systems with multiple lauter tun outlets, to determine whether all parts of the grain bed flow sufficiently well or require raking or other measures to improve flow-through.

The grant thus serves as a flow buffer.


DEGONG Wort grant

Which design you are using for your brew house?

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