The dTR Team


Nikki perlot

Lead Bartender

Hometown: Tolland, CT

Favorite DTR Beer: Darkest Night Imperial Stout

Hobbies: Drinking beer with her cat, attending Bruins games

Fun fact: Less than 5% of the earth’s oceans have been explored. 

Donovan Bailey

President / Founder

Hometown: Newton, MA

Favorite DTR Beer: Rasenmäher Kölsch

Hobbies: Avoiding having his photo taken

Fun Fact: Has no reflection in the mirror


Brendan quirk

Canning Line Operator

Hometown: Natick, MA

Favorite DTR Beer: Undine Double IPA

Hobbies: Fishing

Fun fact: Likes sitting in traffic


Brian Davis

Lead Brewer

Hometown: Haverhill, MA

Favorite DTR Beer: Seventh Star IPA

Hobbies: no

Fun fact: Maya Rudolph is Minnie Riperton’s daughter

Chris Gagne

Sales Manager

Hometown: Marstons Mills, MA

Favorite DTR Beer: Undine Double IPA 

Hobbies: Hiking adventures with his daughter and attending concerts 

Fun fact: Chevy Chase was in a band called Leather Canary with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. He thought it was a crappy jazz band and quit. Becker and Fagen moved on without him and formed Steely Dan.


Plant Manager

Hometown: Natick, MA

Favorite DTR Beer: Deepdweller Stout

Hobbies: Playing with dogs

Fun fact: Had 12,038 pets at one point