Donovan Bailey

Donovan Bailey, founder and head brewer of Down The Road Beer Co., is a competitive homebrewer turned pro who has been making beer for over 20 years. A poorly kept secret, Donovan started brewing before he was legally allowed to drink with the assistance of his co-conspirator and encouraging dad, Wayne. Although "Big D" is the first to admit that his early batches were less than palatable, years of practice paired with a BS in microbiology have upped Donovan’s brewing game considerably.

After spending most of his 20s in the Army, Donovan claimed more than his fair share of gold medals from the American homebrew tournament circuit before leaving his day job to jump into the deep end of the New England beer renaissance. In April 2015, Donovan broke into the Massachusetts craft scene with his first batch of Pukwudgie American Pale Ale. Since then, Down The Road has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the state.

 As a brewmaster, Donovan prefers more historic, European styles, but he never dogmatically cleaves to tradition, choosing instead to innovate and improvise. Informed by the past yet inspired by the present, this split between tradition and invention is the core of Down The Road beer. Never too bitter, sweet, boozy or dry, this beer is meant for drinking.

 Ultimately, Donovan wants to share his passion for beer with the world, inviting people of all walks to join him at Down The Road Beer Co. to enjoy quality drink amid the company of friends. The next time you visit, feel free to introduce yourself and challenge him to a game of pinball.

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