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The Brew Chef Project: Toro vs. Little Donkey


The Bay State is in the middle of a culinary renaissance. It wasn’t long ago that a basket of greasy fried clams was the pinnacle of Massachusetts cuisine. Now it seems like every town and city in the Commonwealth has an upscale eatery with the chops to stand up to the best, and Down The Road wants in on the action.

Introducing: The Brew Chef Project. Each month, DTR will host a special dinner presented by renowned local chefs, and we’re kicking off with a big one: Toro vs. Little Donkey.

The Brew Chef Project

If you have ever been to a Down The Road beer dinner, you know the pleasure of a well-chosen course - tart sours and juicy burgers, complex IPAs and hot curries and, of course, rich stouts and dark chocolate. Nothing is better than a well-paired nosh, and we honestly can’t get enough of them (check our events calendar - the proof is in the pudding). But this got us thinking, what happens if we go deeper on this concept? The Brew Chef Project puts our monthly featured chef behind our brewhouse control panel to craft their own custom beer. The chef’s beer will take center stage alongside a selection of DTR classics as each beer is paired with a unique, catered course for our esteemed guests.

Round One

Nothing gets the party started like a little star power, so we’re kicking off with Toro and Little Donkey. Two of the pillars of Boston’s cutting edge culinary scene are meeting in the ultimate showdown of good eats and tasty brews. Both of the teams will meet in advance of the event to collaborate on cooking up an English-style Extra Special Bitter (ESB) that will play first fiddle for the dinner. Then on Tuesday, March 27th, those lucky enough to have secured tickets will enjoy two preparations per course of beer and small plate pairings. Guests will be encouraged to vote on their prefered flavor combination, and a winner will be announced at the end of the night.

Looking Ahead

Down The Road has booked a different chef for every last Tuesday for the rest of the year. The list is filled with all sorts of folk, from James Beard recipients to lifetime restaurant veterans to upstart visionaries with dreams of greatness. We want to provide an arena to showcase the many culinary gems that have sprouted across the state, and we invite all of you to join us for what promises to be a celebration of flavor like no other. Check our list of upcoming Brew Chefs for a taste of things to come.

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