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Ticket to Ride Tournament


That's right, we're hosting a Ticket to Ride Tournament! If you're familiar with the game, then you already know how awesome it is. If you're not, then you're probably wondering why the hell a game based on a Beatles song has a train on the cover. Well that's because it's not based on a Beatles song, it's based on claiming train routes! Wait, no, don't leave. It's not as boring as that makes it sound. This is a great, easy-to-learn strategy game that's won countless awards. And we can teach you how to play before the tourney starts.

If this isn't all enough, you get a token good for a free beer with your ticket. What beer you ask? Anything from the tap at Down the Road Brewery, winner of Boston Magazine's Malt Madness competition for best local brewery. That's right, free beer and building imaginary train tracks!* You want more reasons to attend? Winner gets a trophy and eternal glory in our Hall of Champions:

We know what you're wondering though, how much do tickets cost? Well that depends on how fast you act. The first three people to buy tickets get them for only $3 each (the minimum full-dollar amount eventbrite lets us charge)! Every ticket after that costs $1 more than the ticket before it. So if you're the fourth person to buy a ticket, it costs you $4. Fifth person? $5. Seventh person? We think you get the point. Once we hit $10, the tickets go up $1 for every two people who get a ticket. So the 11th and 12th person get theirs for $11 each. 13th and 14th, $12 each. Again, you get the point. Wanna attend? Grab your spot now.

*BoardGame Emprie does not condone drinking and building real train tracks. Please consult with a physician, an attorney and the US Railroad Commission before doing anything so stupid.

**Tickets are eligible for refund up to 24 hours beforet the event. After that, we're spending all the money from your ticket on something fun and totally nonrefundable. Early favorite for thing we will buy:

***In order for this event to run, at least 7 people must purchase tickets. If we get to 24 hours before the event start time and still haven't sold 7 spots we'll cancel. We consider this to be very unlikely but did want to let you know that going in.

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