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Indie Board Game Demo Night

You like board games, huh? Well have you played Moonquake? Where you're aliens trapped on a prison planet fighting over the one rocket that can get you out of there before the planet implodes? Have you played Clubhouse Defense Squad? Where you're a team of children defending their clubhouse from the most evil bad guys imaginable? Some of the most fun games are ones you've never heard of, not being built by the giant gaming companies, but being created by local designers right here in Boston.

May 30th, we're giving you a chance to try some of those awesome games and to meet the people who created them. We'll have six indie game designers showing off their inventions, and if the event starts selling especially well, we'll add more. We'll have a mix of games, ranging from party games any group of friends could get behind to meaty strategy options you can sit down and dig into for a good 40-60 minutes, and games in between.

Those of you who have attended our previous two indie game developers nights may see a couple of familiar designers, but every game being showcased will be one we haven't demoed before.

Tickets are going for the are-you-kidding-me-that's-cheap price of $10, but that gets you more than just the right to play cool games and meet their designers for three hours, that alo gets you a token good for any one beer at Down the Road Brewery- fresh off their malt madness victory in Boston Magazine for best local brewery beer ( For those of you who have never been to the brewery it's got delicious beer, an awesome staff, and wall-to-wall pinball machines. Seriously, why have you not bought a ticket already?

First 7 people to buy tickets get theirs for only $5.

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